Every day in America our news and social media are filled with depressing stories about the growing divides between us. There is violence in Portland and nonsense in D.C., it can seem unending.

But it’s not, and there are a lot of reasons to feel good about the world, and about America, and even about each other.

This video, shared on social media Saturday from a story that ran at CBS a couple of weeks ago, is a welcome reminder after a day of Antifa and Proud Boys and more.

Georgie fireman Spencer Carradine was unable to distinguish between red and green, a type of colorblindness, and couldn’t see other colors with much vibrancy either. And what did he want to see more than anything? The American flag.

When his colleagues found out, they all chipped in and got him a pair of EnChroma glasses, which allow colorblind people to see these colors they normally can’t distinguish.

He saw them, and the rest is viral video history.

I thought you might appreciate something more positive for a change.

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