On Wednesday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” Klavan talks about Congressman Jerry Nadler getting trolled during a pointless hearing. Video and partial transcript below:

The news this week has really been great. I mean really, what we’re watching is this narrative, the right wing’s fight back against this narrative and win. We can’t leave Donald Trump out of the mix here, Donald Trump, I think has taught the Right how to fight back a little bit. He’s taught the Right that it’s not okay to let the lie go, that whatever the lie is, whether it’s a lie about the weather, the hurricane, some stupid lie like that, or whether it’s an important lie about something else, you know, you’ve got to fight back.

Just remember that even though the Russian collusion thing has now been exposed as an utter hoax, the [inspector general] report is coming out. It’s going to talk about how this thing started and we may see people exposed, like James Comey and Clapper and John Brennan. We may see them exposed in bad behavior. But remember, it’s the Left that will make the movie because we’re stupid. They’re smart about this, and they’ll make the movie “Russian Collusion.” It’ll be Matt Damon running against the clock to stop the Russians from screwing up our election system while Donald Trump meets with Vladimir Putin in the bathroom.

Then the next generation will think that’s true. But this week we’re winning because this week they haven’t made the movie. It’s real life, right …

You know Jerry Nadler, I mean, I don’t know what he sees when he looks in the mirror but you know, at this point, he is really wasting. We can burn our own money Jerry, you know, we can take our money. I got a lighter, I can take my money out of the bag and just burn it myself. But he’s going to do it, they’re not doing anything.

Nancy Pelosi keeps saying, oh we legislate and we investigate. What legislation have they passed that can pass the Senate and get signed by the president? Zippo, none. You know they’re doing nothing. So it’s all show, in terms of what they’re doing.

Politics is not supposed to be like this. Politics is where you sit down with the people you utterly disagree with and, somehow, you work out a compromise always conceding that the majority is going to get more than the minority. That is politics, that’s democratic politics. And instead we’re getting these endless stupid investigations.

So they bring in poor Corey Lewandowski, you know he’s not a guy I’ve ever had a lot of feeling for, but they bring him on to talk about the Mueller report and he has a letter with him, from the White House, saying he shouldn’t talk about any private conversations he had with the president because that’s protected by executive privilege. So he starts out by making this opening statement — here’s the end of his opening statement:

LEWANDOWSKI: In conclusion, and it’s sad to say, this country has spent over three years and $40 million taxpayer dollars on these investigations and it’s now clear that the investigation was populated by many Trump-haters who had their own agenda: To take down a duly elected president of the United States. As for actual collusion or conspiracy, there was none. What there has been, however, is harassment of this president from the day he won the election. We as a nation would be better served if elected officials like yourselves concentrated your efforts to combat the true crises facing our country, as opposed to going down rabbit holes like this hearing.

Instead of focusing on petty and personal politics, the committee focused on solving the challenges of this generation. Imagine how many people we could help, or how many lives we could save. As I stated earlier, I have voluntarily appeared in front of Congress on three separate occasions and spoken to members of the special counsel’s office for multiple hours. I will continue to be forthright and cooperative and I will be as sincere in my answers as this committee is and its questions.

You know, when you look up at the moral high road and you see Corey Lewandowski, your low road is way, way too low.

Corey Lewandowski is sitting there speaking the truth to these guys, speaking truth to power. You remember that? That’s a favorite left-wing thing that they never do but talk about a lot. He’s just making them crazy. So what he does is, every time that — remember each guy only gets … five minutes to question. So what Lewandowski does is, if they mentioned the Mueller report, he requests a copy of the Mueller report so he won’t talk until he gets the Muller report and then he keeps referring to this letter from the White House saying he can’t talk about anything else, and you can see Jerry Nadler and the rest of them just start to go insane. Here’s a little excerpt of this back and forth.

NADLER: Mr. Lewandowski, is it correct, as is reported in the Mueller report, on June 19, 2017, that you met alone in the Oval Office with the president?

LEWANDOWSKI: Is there a book and page number you can reference me to, please? I don’t have a copy of the report in front of me.

NADLER: Volume II, page 90.

LEWANDOWSKI: Could you read the exact language of the report, sir? I don’t have it available to me.

NADLER: I don’t think I need to do that and I have limited time. Did you meet alone with the president on that date?

LEWANDOWSKI: Congressman, I’d like you to refresh my memory by providing a copy of the report so I can follow along.

NADLER: You don’t have a copy with you?

LEWANDOWSKI: I don’t have a copy of the report, congressman.

UNNAMED VOICE: Mr. Chairman, I request that the clock be stopped while this charade is sorted out.

NADLER: Do you not have an independent recollection of whether you met with the president on that date?

LEWANDOWSKI: Congressman, I’m just trying to find in the Muller report where it states that.

CICILLINE: Mr. Chairman, is it appropriate for a witness to refuse to answer a question and instead demand that we reference and point him to — I ask that that the Mueller report be closed and the witness be directed to answer the question.

So that’s obviously driving them absolutely crazy.

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