“If the Ukraine prosecutor’s firing involved only his alleged corruption and ineptitude, why did Burisma’s American legal team refer to those allegations as ‘false information?’” Solomon asks. “If the firing had nothing to do with the Burisma case, as Biden has adamantly claimed, why would Burisma’s American lawyers contact the replacement prosecutor within hours of the termination and urgently seek a meeting in Ukraine to discuss the case?”

According to Solomon, Ukrainian prosecutors say they have tried to get this information to the Department of Justice since the summer of 2018 because they believe it “might be evidence of possible violations of U.S. ethics laws,” but the DOJ “showed no interest.” In response, the prosecutors contacted Trump’s personal lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

In their famous July 25 call, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Trump that he is “knowledgeable” about the Burisma-Biden situation and that investigating the case is important in “making sure to restore the honesty” between the countries, Solomon notes.

Solomon also highlights a “newly sworn affidavit prepared for a European court,” in which Shokin testified that he was informed when he was fired in March 2016 that it was because of his investigation into Burisma.

“The truth is that I was forced out because I was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into Burisma Holdings, a natural gas firm active in Ukraine and Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was a member of the Board of Directors,” said Shokin. “On several occasions President Poroshenko asked me to have a look at the case against Burisma and consider the possibility of winding down the investigative actions in respect of this company but I refused to close this investigation.”

Solomon stresses that Shokin “certainly would have reason to hold a grudge over his firing,” but the newly revealed documents seem to align with his account.

Solomon goes on to summarize the history of the Burisma-Biden controversy, starting with The New York Times‘ initial report on the suspicious decision by the company to hire Hunter Biden weeks after his father was tasked with overseeing relations with Ukraine.

“Documents I obtained this year detail an effort to change the narrative after the Times story about Hunter Biden, with the help of the Obama State Department,” Solomon writes. (Read Solomon’s full report here.)

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