On today’s show we get into the latest fake left-wing outrage, this time over the President’s accurate use of the word “lynching” in a metaphor about impeachment. Also, Democratic Party bigwigs are unsatisfied with their choices for a nominee and want another option. Meanwhile, a Democratic Congresswoman had a 3-way relationship with a young staffer, and California’s liberal Governor doesn’t appear to understand how gasoline taxes and regulations work.

Listen to the show:

Democrats were beside themselves with anger because President Trump accurately used the word lynching to describe impeachment. This outrage apparently caused them to forget their long history of doing the same thing, including Joe Biden. We have all the audio and recall the history of lynching, how it dates back to early in human history and was not exclusive to any race. When it was directed toward one race in this country, it was a terror tactic of one political party – the Democratic Party. That’s something Democrats forgot to mention when pretending to be upset yesterday. We remind them.

Big money Democrats want another option for their party’s nomination. The New York Times recounts how rich donors, who really run the party, want someone else to enter the race. Who? Maybe Michael Bloomberg, or even Hillary Clinton. How can a party with more choices than any party has ever had not be satisfied? We get into it.

Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill is going through a divorce, and as is often the case in such things ,the dirty laundry from her marriage is coming out. Turns out Hill and her soon to be ex-husband were kind of swingers, involving young staffers in their sex lives. We have all the details and how Hill is shamelessly pretending to be the victim here while the #MeToo movement is oddly disinterested.

California Governor Gavin Newsome wants oil companies investigated to find out why gas is so expensive is his state. Taxes and excessive regulation might have something to do with that. We explain how these things work to the Democrat.

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