Google dropped its “Don’t be evil” motto a few years ago when it reorganized as Alphabet Inc. In its place, the company adopted “Do the right thing” as its new slogan.

Apparently, doing the right thing for Google includes donating to Democrats.

What’s the data?

First, it’s important to note that, as Open Secrets points out, organizations themselves are prohibited by law from contributing to federal candidates and party committees.

However, as outlets such as the Center for Responsive Politics (which operates point out, collecting data on contributions from employees and affiliates of organizations are worth reporting. As CRP puts it:

Organizations — companies, unions, super PACs, etc — are able to band together more funds than individuals alone and are, thus, an important force and source of money in politics. Whether through targeted contributions to politicians, radio, TV and print ads, or lobbying efforts, organizations can make their voices heard louder in their attempts to influence elected officials and legislation in a way that favors their economic and social interests.

So, what has Google’s giving looked like over the last three election cycles?

According to the most recent Federal Election Commission data compiled by Open Secrets:

2020 cycle (so far):

● TOTAL giving: $2,078,041

● Democrats: $1,690,479 (81 percent)

● Republicans: $366,471 (18 percent)

2018 cycle:

● TOTAL giving: $8,201,449

● Democrats: $6,006,816 (73 percent)

● Republicans: $1,249,087 (15 percent)

2016 cycle:

● TOTAL giving: $9,188,140

● Democrats: $5,715,444 (62 percent)

● Republicans: $2,068,073 (23 percent)

Alphabet Inc. donations by party for last three election cycles (Image source:

Who are the top recipients of Google’s 2020 money?

Based on the most recent FEC data, here are the top 10 recipients of Google contributions for the 2020 election cycle so far — all of them Democrats:

Elizabeth Warren: $200,111

Pete Buttigieg: $174,430

Bernie Sanders: $163,458

Kamala Harris: $120,008

Andrew Yang: $60,589

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: $59,492

Cory Booker: $37,022

DNC Services Corporation: $36,864

Joe Biden: $34,337

Beto O’Rourke: $24,402

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