College students at Howard University in Washington, D.C., can’t name a single just war the U.S. has fought. (Video screenshot)

Has the United States ever fought a war that was justified?

Apparently not, according to many students at Howard University in Washington, D.C., who were asked about that by Campus Reform.

“I cannot think of a single war that America has been a part of that has been justified,” one student told reporter Eduardo Neret.

When asked specifically if World War II was a just war, the student said it was not.

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“I don’t believe America fought that war for the just reasons,” the student answered.

One young lady responded: “The only one that I can, like, reasonably, like, justify in my head is the Civil War.”

Others were simply anti-war in general.

“I feel as though there aren’t any justifiable wars,” one student said.

Some college students appeared to be confused about what each war was actually about, with one explaining World War II was a just war because the U.S. won its independence from Great Britain, when that conflict, in fact, was the American Revolution.

“[World War II] it’s a good cause for the greater good because at the end of the day we got our freedom, and we are no longer under Great Britain.”

Several students, though, were able to identify a just war.

“I think World War II overall was justifiable, given that Hitler was doing some really bad things over there in Germany. Therefore we needed to stop that,” one student opined.

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