Marianne Williamson is still in it to win it.

Sure, she’s polling below 0.5 percent nationwide, but that’s not stopping her from doing her thing. And more power to her, I say.

I say this, of course, as a Republican. I’d prefer she’d stay in the race, mostly because … well, I love me some dark psychic powers.

And because she apparently thought President Donald Trump was going to pardon Charles Manson.

No, it’s not the 1970s and Squeaky Fromme isn’t about to take a potshot at President Ford. Don’t tell Marianne, though!

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So, just in case you’re coming late to the party: Charles Manson is dead.

Also, Williamson’s tweet was 100 percent fake news. Nobody’s pardoning anyone from the Manson era.

Trump Derangement Syndrome for the win.

Oh, yeah, in a bid to go for the whole “dark psychic energy” thing, Williamson also went on anti-vaccine rant.

“As president, I would order the Centers for Disease Control to establish an independent commission to review/reform vaccine safety. Calling people who express any concern or questions about bundling, number of vaccines, neuro-toxins and so forth ‘anti-vaxx’ is both incorrect and unfair,” Williamson wrote in a fake news-tastic Facebook post on Thursday.

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“All parents want only that their children be safe. Given that as of 2019, over $4B has been paid out in compensation for vaccine injury (the National Vaccine Injury Protection Act was passed in 1986), concerned parents should not be demonized nor their questions minimized,” she continued.

“While vaccines are very important and often save lives, concerns arise from the fact that they are the only medical product not required to have the safety testing required of other drugs. The call for certitude that vaccines are safe and responsible is not ‘anti-science’ but rather ‘pro-science,’ as it is a call for independent scientific research to review and establish vaccine safety.”

Righty-o. Well, I’m not going to explain to her how vaccines work, but perhaps this should function as a good argument for how misplaced the overall idiocy of what she says is: Manson died in 2017.

Of course, there were other reasons why her fake news outrage over Charlie was a bit, ahem, misplaced:

Williamson would go on to delete her tweet and admit the error in a followup post that she also deleted, according to Fox News. But the fact that she fell for this fake news in the first place is peak Marianne Williamson.

And yet, let’s not separate Williamson from the rest of the Democratic field here.

She’s not some “dark psychic force” apart from the rest of the left just because she thinks Trump can do unspeakably evil things all on his own.

Apart from the anti-vax rhetoric, can you think of anything she’s saying that’s particularly different than the rest of the Democratic field?

The difference is, she’s not getting all that much attention. I almost feel bad giving it to her.

And yet, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to make any difference.

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