Virginia had long been a red state, then took on a purple hue, and more than a decade ago started to turn blue.

The last time a Republican presidential candidate won the state was George W. Bush in 2004. Barack Obama won in 2008 and 2012, and Hillary Clinton took the state 49.7% to 44.4%.

The biggest change in the state are the counties and cities just outside Washington, D.C. Some counties that had long been red are now blue.

And not everyone’s happy about it.

A group called America First Conservatives dropped a banner from Key Bridge in Arlington, Virginia, that said “MASS IMMIGRATION TURNED VIRGINIA BLUE.”

“The banner was reportedly hung by self-identified ‘America First’ activists, sometimes known as ‘Groypers,’” Summit News reported.

Groypers have been actively protesting against what they term ‘Conservative Inc.’ over the last 6 weeks, establishment conservatives who are accused of naively supporting legal immigration despite the fact that it is ensuring demographic replacement.

The idea of demographic replacement has been labeled by the media as a racist dog whistle for white supremacy, although it’s apparently acceptable for leftists to discuss the idea, so long as they’re in favor of it.

As we highlighted last week, during a recent Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights event, civil rights lawyer and racial justice advocate Judith Browne Dianis, co-director of the George Soros-funded Advancement Project, openly admitted that less white people in America means more power for Democrats.

“When we get to 2042 or 2045, whatever you wanna use, we actually will not be suffering from what other countries like South Africa have which is having the numbers but not having the power,” said Dianis.

“People say that demographics aren’t destiny, well we are trying to make it destiny,” she added.


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