Former Republican Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy argued with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota over impeaching President Donald Trump on Thursday, calling the move “bad for Democrats.”

Duffy spoke alongside Former Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent on “New Day.” The trio spoke as the House begins to debate two articles of impeachment against the president.

I think we’re having an American conversation about does this meet the threshold for impeachment, and what I see in Wisconsin, and I’ve seen polling in Charlie’s state of Pennsylvania, this is dropping like a lead balloon — America’s support for impeachment,” Duffy said after debating with Camerota on whether he previously said he was “uncomfortable” with asking a foreign leader to investigate a political rival.

This is bad for Democrats.”


Camerota hit back at the polls Duffy cited, saying they were “too sketchy” for CNN to use them. She added that the state polls he mentioned are from a “Republican polling firm” and that they “don’t fit.”

At the end of the segment, Duffy, a CNN contributor, also noted that Democrats “were trying to impeach the president” long before “any phone call was made to Ukraine.” He argued that credibility on impeachment has been lost because of the Democrats’ continuous effort to impeach Trump.

We know Democrats from Schiff to Nadler, some of the lead players in this, were trying to impeach the president, even before any phone call was made to Ukraine,” Duffy said. “And that’s — that does not bolster the credibility of Democrats.”

“You’re saying you’re looking for an opportunity to impeach the president, and you’ve been looking for it since he was elected and so you don’t have the credibility on this issue.”


The CNN host continued on to ask Duffy if he “would you like to see him [Trump] do more of” having foreign leaders look into political rivals. (RELATED: Duffy: Democrats ‘Haven’t Done Anything On The Kids’ At The Border)

Listen, I don’t know what [Trump’s lawyer] Rudy Giuliani is doing in his 007 action in the Ukraine,” Duffy replied. 

Camerota said Giuliani was headed to Ukraine specifically to dig up dirt for the president, asking again if Duffy would be a fan of the idea.

So just answer the question,” Camerota said. “So if you are comfortable with this and you think the polls are on your side, would you like to see the president do more of this and ask for more foreign help for 2020?”

Duffy noted that if there are more “Joe and Hunter Biden scenarios, the president should make sure we investigate it.” He reiterated that Americans don’t want impeachment, adding that Trump is being “given the death penalty” and “it doesn’t make any sense.”

Should we have more Democrats trying to impeach a president over what we’ve all heard through this phone call?” Duffy asked. “I don’t think we should. I don’t think Americans like it.” 

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