President Donald Trump went scorched earth on FBI agents he labelled “scum” who have “destroyed lives” during a rally this week, but apparently isn’t interested in the multiple FBI agents who exchanged pro-Trump messages in November 2016.

The Department of Justice’s IG report released Monday indicates that an FBI supervisory special agent wrote in a message that he was “elated” by Trump winning the election, and said it was like “watching a Superbowl comeback.” The same agent also said that Hillary Clinton was “a criminal.”

Two other agents exchanged text messages that were enthusiastically pro-Trump.

“Trump!” one FBI employee said.

“Hahaha. Shit just got real,” the other agent said, following up, “I saw a lot of scared MFers on…[my way to work] this morning. Start looking for new jobs fellas. Haha.”

“LOL,” the other agent replied.

One of the FBI agents also wrote, “Come January I’m going to just get a big bowl of popcorn and sit back and watch.”

“That’s hilarious,” the other employee said.

Trump’s Twitter page was characteristically filled with angry tweets since the release of the report Monday, quoting Fox News commentary alleging “very serious misconduct on the part of the FBI.”

Are you listening Comey, McCabe, lovers Lisa & Peter, the beautiful Ohr family, Brennan, Clapper & many more?” Trump wrote.

The Daily Caller could not find any tweets from the president referring to the FBI agents who expressed support for him.

The Caller also reached out to the White House for comment on the FBI agents who expressed support for him twice this week, but received no response.

During a rally Tuesday, Trump ripped into the FBI, saying, “Look how they’ve hurt people. They’ve destroyed the lives of people that were great people, that are still great people.”

“Their lives have been destroyed by scum. Okay, by scum.”

Trump has also repeatedly raged against former FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strzok after they exchanged messages that were critical of Trump in 2016.

Page and Strzok, two agents who had an affair, repeatedly attacked candidate Trump in private messages. In one exchange, Page wrote, “He’s not ever going to become president, right?”

“No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok said.

Page also called Trump a “loathsome human,” while Strzok called him “an idiot.”

The president talked about their text messages during an October rally, mocking them by having what Page later described as a “fake orgasm.”

“I love you, Peter! I love you too Lisa…Lisa, I love you. Lisa, Lisa, Oh God, I love you, Lisa!” Trump said.

Indeed, Trump and his defenders have zeroed in on allegations of bias against the candidate during the 2016 election, but not all accounts back this up.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who worked on Trump’s campaign, wrote in his book released early this year that Trump was greeted as a “conquering hero” when he visited FBI headquarters in fall 2016.

“As we were lead through the office past the agents’ desks, Donald was greeted like a conquering hero,” Christie wrote. “Dozens of people stepped out of their carrels and came out of their offices to shake his hand and ask for pictures and autographs. This was definitely Trump country. He accommodated everyone.”

The release of the full IG report has provided both defenders and critics of the FBI with plenty of fodder, as defenders of the FBI point out that Horowitz’s overall conclusion showed that there was not bias in the initiation of the investigation. Trump supporters, on the other hand, note the numerous instances of misconduct in the report.

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham re-upped the Strzok-Page texts as evidence of bias during a Senate hearing this week, reading the anti-Trump texts aloud.

“If you got a guy who hates Trump’s guts from day one, thinks Pence is stupid, and everybody who voted for Trump’s an idiot, and you give him power over Trump maybe you’re making a mistake,” Graham said.

“Or, again, maybe you know, all these people who had these biases did nothing about it. You know, maybe, maybe not.”

The Caller reached out to Graham’s office Friday to see if he was also concerned about the pro-Trump texts, but received no response.

Indeed, the release of the IG report has once again pushed allegations of FBI abuse of Trump into the media, with Strzok and Page’s texts playing a key role in creating the appearance of bias. (RELATED: Strzok Admits He Was Talking About Trump When He Texted: ‘We’ll Stop Him’)

As Trump said last year about text messages showing political bias on the part of FBI agents, “Doesn’t get any lower than that!”

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