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Rudy Giuliani has returned from a fact-finding mission to Ukraine, and it looks like he struck gold.

Giuliani recently traveled to the Eastern European country to gather information from officials and other sources, according to The Wall Street Journal. On Dec. 7, he returned to the United States.

After touching down in New York, Giuliani says he wasn’t even able to get off his plane before President Donald Trump called him.

“What did you get?” the president asked, according to Giuliani, who serves as Trump’s personal attorney.

“More than you can imagine,” Giuliani replied.

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According to The WSJ, Giuliani met with Trump the following Friday.

Although it’s unclear exactly what was discussed, the former New York City mayor reportedly has enough information to fill a 20-page report — a document he is currently compiling.

Tweets from Giuliani during and after his trip seem to indicate he made some bombshell discoveries.

“In reviewing my notes,” Giuliani wrote on Dec. 6, “it seems to me that a large scale joint investigation into Ukraine and the US would uncover and recover billions stolen by crooks, from both countries, at the highest levels.”

In another post, he asserted that corruption in the administration of former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden will “soon be proven.”

Giuliani, Trump and others on the right have pointed out that while he was vice president, Joe Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who had investigated Burisma Holdings, a shady energy company where Biden’s son, Hunter, served on the board.

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Joe Biden has even publicly bragged about getting the prosecutor fired by hinging a massive monetary aide guarantee on the Ukrainian government’s decision.

Hunter Biden plays a central role in claims of corruption in his father’s administration.

Despite a history of crack cocaine use and other illicit activities, Hunter Biden was able to secure a spot on Burisma’s board, a role which payed out a massive five-figure monthly salary.

While a judge ordered Hunter Biden to release his financial information to the court as part of a child support case, the details will be kept hidden from the public.

But if Giuliani is to be believed, he likely has more than enough information to blow this entire corruption case wide open.

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