Members of Congress left Washington with the impeachment of President Donald Trump literally hanging in the balance.

Whether or not the House Democrats, most of whom voted Wednesday to adopt the two articles of impeachment against Trump, had actually succeeded in impeaching the president remained questionable as one of their own witnesses, Noah Feldman, argued that they hadn’t until the articles were transmitted to the Senate.

Despite her ongoing insistence that impeachment had to be rushed for the sake of national security, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi brought the process to a screeching halt when, after the House voted in the affirmative, she announced that the articles would not be transmitted until she was satisfied that any trial held in the Senate would be “fair.”

As always, the Daily Caller wades through the most recent stories to break down the most important details and new information.

The key players:

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi directed her caucus to wear black for Wednesday’s impeachment vote in order to convey the seriousness with which the process was undertaken. She also directed Democratic members to refrain from celebrating the impeachment.
  • Washington Post reporter Rachel Bade didn’t get the memo, however, and celebrated “Merry Impeachmas” in a now-deleted tweet.
  • Three House Democrats voted against at least one of the two articles of impeachment. New Jersey’s Jeff Van Drew, who has since switched parties, and Minnesota’s Collin Peterson voted against both articles. Freshman Maine Rep. Jared Golden voted in favor of the abuse of power charge and against the obstruction of Congress charge.
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell accused the House Democrats of developing “cold feet,” but noted that it was “fine with me” if they never sent him the impeachment articles.

The White House response:

President Trump was quick to call out the House Democrats on their reluctance to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, suggesting that they were afraid of what might come out in a trial — particularly with regard to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the whistleblower and Joe and Hunter Biden.

The hot takes:

  • Jeff Van Drew, on his decision to leave the Democratic Party, quotes Ronald Reagan: “I didn’t leave my party, my party left me.”
  • South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham accuses House Democrats of “buyer’s remorse,” telling Fox News anchor Bret Baier that they know their case is “falling apart.”
  • Nancy Pelosi, after pushing the impeachment through with no bipartisan support, asked reporters why they didn’t want to talk about anything but impeachment.

Public response:

A CNN poll taken in the final days leading up to the House vote to adopt the two articles of impeachment indicated that public support for the process was already waning. In the last month of impeachment proceedings — which largely consisted of the public hearings — public support dropped by five percentage points.

Check back next week for the latest up-to-the-minute information, commentary and related content.


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