Former Republican Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy suggested Thursday that the Senate will not be impartial during the impeachment process into President Donald Trump.

Speaking to CNN’s Chris Cuomo, the CNN contributor blasted the House over its “political show” and “political sham” of an impeachment process. He noted that it is “rich” for the House to ask the Senate not to be political after voting to impeach Trump on Dec. 18.

“Now to come to the Senate and say ‘we want something other than politics,’ I think is rich,” Duffy said. “I would agree that if the House had been fair in the way they had done this and not been political, I would join you [Cuomo] and Charlie [Dent] and say the Senate should do the same thing.”

“That’s the danger when you just play politics, it trickles down. Now the Senate is going to play politics.” (RELATED: Former Rep. Sean Duffy Questions Whether Americans Will Get Behind Impeachment)


Duffy continued on to dismiss Cuomo’s idea that some Republicans are backing Trump out of fear. He said people “gravitate towards him [Trump] because they love him” and the policies he is fighting for.

“We’re a party of lifers,” Duffy said as Cuomo rolled his eyes. “We believe in life, not late term partial birth abortions. We believe in secure borders. We believe in fair trade. We believe in limited government. Donald Trump has fought for all those things. And that’s why people love him. No one’s afraid of him.”

Dent, a former Pennsylvania Republican congressman also on “Cuomo Prime Time,” disagreed with Duffy, suggesting plenty of Republicans have voiced their reservations about the president. He also said Trump is not “very principled at all” and called the president “completely transactional” with the exception of trade and immigration.

Cuomo also argued with Duffy on this point, bringing up “a tax cut he [Trump] wouldn’t pay for and a trade war that makes a mockery” of Republicans. The former Wisconsin congressman said Trump’s idea on trade actually “has advanced the thinking of Republicans,” dismissing Cuomo’s argument that it was a bad move by the president.

The subject began with Cuomo bringing up Alaskan Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski. She said in an interview with KTUU News Dec. 24 that she is “disturbed” by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell previously said there will be “total coordination” with the Senate and White House in the upcoming impeachment trial.

“I’m going to get lit up on this, Chris – some will say Donald Trump is a greater president than Abraham Lincoln, that’s how much they love him,” Duffy added. “I know I’m going to get crushed on that.”

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