Goin’ Huntin’

The Taurus .357 Magnum has a barrel length of 8-3/8″ and a weight, according to my postal scale, of 3-1/2 lbs. (56 oz.). In my experience, this package makes for the most comfortable shooting .357 Magnum. There was a time when most of us were too macho to admit any sixgun was more than we could handle but this all changes with age as our hands become more tender. For any shooter who wants as much power as is possible to easily handle, this revolver is worthy of a good look.

The weight is attained by several factors such as the heavy full-length barrel shroud. The barrel itself is a steel sleeve inserted into an aluminum housing. The housing has a full-length underlug and the top of the shroud, from the front of the frame to 2″ behind the front sight ramp, consists of a wide Picatinny rail with 13 mounting slots. This makes mounting a scope very easy and for some of my shooting tests I used a Leupold 2X LER scope with Leupold PRW rings.

Not only is the Raging Hunter easily scoped, it also has excellent adjustable sights. The front sight is a black post pinned into the ramp while the rear sight is black with a square notch perfectly matching the front sight for my eyes. The rear sight blade is also slanted backwards to help reduce glare. This whole rear sight fits into the top of the frame and is easily adjustable for both windage and elevation.

The cylinder of the Raging Hunter holds seven rounds of .357 Magnum, or .38 Special should one be so inclined. The cylinder is locked both back and front with thumb locks. The cylinder releases by pushing the rear lock forward while pushing the front thumb piece downward. It is much easier accomplished than it sounds. The frame is stainless steel while the sights, shroud, hammer and trigger are finished in matte black, making for an eye pleasing two-tone color combination.

In addition to the weight of the Raging Hunter, felt recoil is also reduced by factory-tuned porting and a gas expansion chamber designed to disperse gases directionally, reducing muzzle flip. This is accomplished via four round holes on both sides of the front sight. At the other end of the Raging Hunter we have full wrap-around, finger-groove stippled rubber grips with a built-in red-colored cushion insert along the back strap. I always wear gloves when I shoot because my hands are much more tender than they used to be. I do not use a padded mitt but simply a golfing or batter’s glove. With this .357 Magnum the recoil was minimal enough I did not have to wear a glove.

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