Pompeo Says People ‘Should Ask Mr. Soleimani’ If Trump Is Vulnerable Over Impeachment

Iran Ends Nuclear Deal Commitment, Will No Longer Limit Uranium Enrichment

Elizabeth Warren Suggests Trump Took Out Iranian General To Distract From Impeachment

Exclusive: Dan Crenshaw Explains Exactly Why Killing Qasem Soleimani Was A Great Move

Republican AGs Say Bloomberg Is Secretly Embedding An Army Of Anti-Trump Attorneys Inside State Offices

Trump Warns Iran Against Revenge Attack, Says 52 Iranian Sites Would Be Hit ‘Very Fast And Very Hard’

Ricky Gervais Says Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself During Golden Globes Speech, Tells Award Winners To ‘F**k Off’

New York Times Claims Video Of Iraqis Dancing In The Street Is ‘Misleading’

Colin Kaepernick Weighs In On Iran. Twitter Users Make Him Wish He Hadn’t

Iraq Votes To Expel US Troops As Soleimani Mourners Crowd Tehran’s Streets

Donald Trump Jr. Shows Off AR-15 With Hillary Clinton On New Magazine

Trump Administration Presses Supreme Court To Protect Louisiana Abortion Regulations

‘He’s A Racist’: Lindsey Graham Rips ‘Loser’ Kaepernick’s Anti-American Comments

Hollywood Actress Rose McGowan Apologizes To Iran For Death Of Terrorist Soleimani

Trump Tells Evangelicals ‘America Not Built By Religion-Hating Socialists’

Here Are The Republican Governors Asking For Refugee Resettlement In Their States

TAKALA: Election Sage Allan Lichtman Predicts Trump-Biden Match — And Biden Is Already Trailing

Ex-CIA Senior Officer Daniel Hoffman Explains Trump’s Qasem Soleimani Air Strike

Trump Eliminates Some Of World’s Top Terrorists In Just A Few Months

After The Boeing Starliner Snafu, NASA Must Rethink How It Does Business

Soleimani Was Planning ‘Imminent Attacks’ That Could Have Killed Hundreds Of Americans, Top US Official Says

US To Deploy 3,000 Troops To Middle East Following Soleimani Airstrike: Report

RNC, Trump Pull In $154 Million In 4th Quarter Fundraising

Top Democrats Reportedly Left In The Dark Over Soleimani Killing

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