John Brennan

Former CIA Director John Brennan lashed out at President Trump for ordering the drone strike that killed top Iran commander and terrorist Qassam Soleimani.

Brennan is pushing the left-wing narrative that the Trump Admin used shoddy intelligence to justify the drone strike that killed Soleimani.

BRENNAN: “Gang of 8 in Congress is entitled to ALL intelligence on Soleimani killing. Trump’s lies, reckless jingoism, and incompetence disgrace the office of the presidency. Right-wing ideologues in Administration & media steering Trump have put our Nation in grave danger.

On Wednesday Senator Mike Lee attacked the Trump administration following an Iran intelligence briefing to US senators.

Lee was upset and claimed officials weren’t ‘answering tough questions’ and didn’t give lawmakers enough information about the intel that led to the drone strike on Soleimani.

Republican Senator James Lankford destroyed Mike Lee later Wednesday during a media interview for misrepresenting the private meeting to US senators.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said during a presser that Qassam Soleimani was planning an imminent attack against Americans.

President Trump de-escalated the situation after the missile attacks on US bases in Iraq and announced Wednesday that the US will impose more sanctions on Iran.

The only people who put the US in grave danger was Obama, Brennan, Kerry and others in the criminal Obama Admin who negotiated the Iran nuke deal and supported giving billions of dollars to Iran, the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism.

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