CNN’s Don Lemon addressed a viral clip in which he laughed hysterically as his two guests trashed supporters of President Donald Trump during his show on Tuesday evening.

Lemon made excuses without apologizing for his behavior.

The original segment aired on CNN over the weekend and mocked the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump as uneducated rednecks.

Lemon’s guest Rick Wilson called Trump supporters “credulous boomer rubes” and used a mocking southern accent as the host cracked up.

Lemon was nearly in tears as his guests, Wilson and New York Times columnist and CNN contributor Wajahat Ali, mocked how uneducated the president’s supporters are.

Addressing the offensive remarks, Lemon said “ask anyone who knows me,” Lemon said at the end of his show Tuesday while addressing the segment. “They’ll tell you: I don’t believe in belittling people … for who they are, for what they believe or where they’re from.”

He claimed that he was only laughing at a joke about President Trump and “didn’t catch everything that was said” by his guests.

“I was laughing at the joke and not at any group of people,” he concluded.

The clip has now been used in a brand new ad for the GOP urging Republicans to go vote in November.

Trump also responded to the clip by referring to Lemon as the “dumbest man on television.”

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