Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has a problem: Minorities are leaving her campaign at a rapid pace and are shredding her credibility as the anti-racism candidate.

Warren has courted the minority vote by declaring she supports slavery reparations and condemning her white privilege.

However, while the Massachusetts senator peddles her plans for “valuing women of color,” “restoring America’s promise to Latinos” and so on, recent events have placed the sincerity of her message into question.

As reported by Politico, a half-dozen women of color have recently departed Warren’s 70-person campaign team in Nevada.

Three of them felt marginalized by the campaign. When they took their concerns to human resources, the circumstances did not improve (or worsened).

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Megan Lewis, a field organizer who joined the campaign in May and departed in December, said, “During the time I was employed with Nevada for Warren, there was definitely something wrong with the culture. I filed a complaint with HR, but the follow-up I received left me feeling as though I needed to make myself smaller or change who I was to fit into the office culture.”

According to Politico, another recently departed staffer and field organizer agreed, saying, “I felt like a problem — like I was there to literally bring color into the space but not the knowledge and voice that comes with it. We all were routinely silenced and not given a meaningful chance on the campaign.

“Complaints, comments, advice, and grievances were met with an earnest shake of the head and progressive buzzwords but not much else.”

A third former field organizer had similar experiences, the report said.

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Talk about hypocrisy.

Warren talks the talk when it comes to minority voters, but people within her own campaign are leaving because they feel ostracized and/or mistreated because of their minority status.

What makes the situation even worse is Warren’s inability to take full responsibility for the environment within her campaign.

In an interview with MSNBC on Thursday, she apologized to these women and said she took responsibility — but not without blaming America’s “legacy” of “racism and oppression” for the “toxic work environment” created by her campaign staff.

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This is nothing new for Warren. When word came out that her claims of Native American heritage were greatly exaggerated, she blamed her family.

That is not the sign of a strong or credible leader.

During a Democratic debate Friday in New Hampshire, Warren declared, “Election time, year after year, election after election after election, Democrats go to people in the black community and say, ‘Boy, we really care about these issues, racism is terrible.’ … And then, somehow, the problem just seems to keep getting worse.

“Well, I think it’s time we have real, concrete plans that are going to make a difference in people’s lives.”

While this might sound great in theory, why would anyone believe her when minorities are leaving her campaign and she has a history of blaming others when things get tough?

Warren seemingly wants to create an “equal” America.

However, she apparently can’t even manage race relations in her own campaign.

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