Baby naming trends are much like the ocean tide, surging and receding on repeat throughout the generations.

Only in the last decade or so have parents started thinking about the internet when selecting a baby name, considering the implications of how a child’s name will affect their now-inevitable social media presence.

According to a poll of 1,772 British parents conducted by the U.K. parenting site Channel Mum, nearly three-fourths, 72 percent, of parents agree that selecting a unique baby name will help their child stand out from among a sea of faces.

The trend of made-up names, often a mashup of two generally well-known names such as Elisobelle and Evabeth, is on the rise, Channel Mum reported, with 94 percent of parents agreeing that made-up baby names are increasing in popularity.

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“Shakespeare invented many names that have stood the test of time like Imogen and Jessica,”’s self-described baby name expert SJ Strum stated.

“Now the social media boom means we are all writers and publishers, so parents are making up baby names that give their child a unique start in life.”

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Parents are drawing inspiration from current films and books and are also looking to their family tree for hidden gems that would honor a family member.

According to, 1 in 50 parents reported naming their baby with social media in mind, a decision which Strum believes has to do with how easily the name will be found on social media.

“In the online world, being ‘discoverable’ by your name is increasingly important and we’re seeing more names registered than ever before,” Strum said in a statement, according to StudyFinds.

“Maevery, with its strong V and AE sound, is bang on trend with the top two girl names Olivia and Amelia so I think it will become popular.”

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“Ranger is a great outdoorsy occupational name and with Hunter being a top riser of last year, hipsters will be looking to Ranger as the new cool name — but with a more plant-based ethic,” Strum added.

Strum provided a list of 10 mash-up — or made-up — baby names for consideration:

Top 10 Mash-up Boys’ Names:

1. Jaspin
2. Charleston
3. Brigham
4. Ranger
5. Wrenlow
6. Eastley
7. Graylen
8. Albion
9. Tovin
10. Cedar

Top 10 Mash-up Girls’ Names:

1. Maevery
2. Faelina
3. Idalia
4. Evabeth
5. Tessadora
6. Anaveah
7. Jessalie
8. Sylvalie
9. Sophiel
10. Elisobelle

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