Michael Bloomberg (Video screenshot)

The Democrats are so desperate to defeat President Trump, who easily turned back Hillary Clinton’s demand to occupy the Oval Office in 2016 and defeated the party’s Russia collusion claims, an impeachment agenda and more, they are giving up their party’s standards in order to curry favor with Michael Bloomberg, reports talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Bloomberg is the New York billionaire who is now frantically spending money on ads to try to buy influence in his party, and more.

And to this point, it’s working.

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Democrats have changed the rules of their coming debate in order to allow him on the stage. There’s been huge support coming from Democrats, despite his longstanding positions in conflict with Democrat Party goals.

Limbaugh explained it doesn’t really matter what Bloomberg believes, says or does, but Democrats will endorse anything or anyone they believe might defeat Trump.

“Does the Democrat Party realize what Michael Bloomberg is doing to them? Does Crazy Bernie? Has he figured out yet what Bloomberg is doing? This is stunning to watch this…. “

He said Bloomberg “is forcing all these Democrats to ignore what he has said about minorities, what he said about the elderly, what he has said about women. It is stunning the Democrats are allowing all of this to happen because they are so obsessed with beating Donald Trump that they’ll take anybody who can do it — and I’m gonna tell you Crazy Bernie people something too. You may not want to hear this, but your guy can be bought off too. How do you think he went whimpering away so quietly in 2016?”

He cited what opinions from Bloomberg already have been unearthed by Republicans.

“It’s gonna destroy everything they’ve ever claimed to be: Pro-African-American, pro-women, pro-gay, ’cause Bloomberg has come out and he’s the biggest misogynist, he’s the biggest racist, and he’s a homophobe — and he’s made no bones about it. There’s video, and there’s audio of the guy demonstrating it and proving it. He’s even joined Obama in the health care parade. Somebody shows up at 95 years of age with prostate cancer? (summarized) ‘Nope, we’re not gonna spend any money on ya. You’re not worth saving. Here’s a pill. Go away and die,'” Limbaugh said.

He said Bloomberg, who is moving up in Democratic polling, is “literally infiltrating the Democrat Party and is turning it upside down, poisoning it. He is single-handedly doing it. If they go to the mat defending him, if they nominate him, if they do whatever they can to overcome the opposition research that’s sure to come on this guy — if they try to wave away the anti-women comments within the anti-black comments, the anti-whatever comments, anti-gay comments, if they try to wave that away — what’s that gonna mean for their party?”

First, he said, Democrats are misunderstanding the Trump victory in 2016.

“This is not like how Trump took the GOP. Trump didn’t come in and take over the GOP by turning Republicanism upside down like Bloomberg is doing. Trump ran on (whether he knew it or not) a basically conservative agenda, ideas that were solidly backed by a whole slew of Republican base voters who had been marginalized, who had been lied to, who had been taken for granted for years by the party and its establishment,” Limbaugh said.

“This is not the situation with the Democrats. What Bloomberg is doing is not tapping into some misrepresented or lied-to element of the Democrat base. They have driven away… The Democrat Party has driven away the sane people in their party, and they’re left with a bunch of ill-educated, uneducated, unemployable anarchists who are obsessed with pessimism and the apocalypse. They have no God in their lives, for the most part, so they’re wandering aimlessly looking for something meaningful in politics,” he said.

He cited several recent comments from Bloomberg, criticizing and making fun of farmers, the elderly and blacks and Latinos.

One of those was that Bloomberg believed he could teach anyone to farm.

“It is stunning the Democrats are allowing all of this to happen because they are so obsessed with beating Donald Trump that they’ll take anybody who can do it,” Limbaugh said.

There isn’t even a real agenda, he said.

“The Democrats are so discombobulated, it doesn’t matter. They’ll nominate anybody they think can beat Trump, and then deal with what they’ve done later. But there’s no set of ideas propelling any of this. In the case of Bloomberg, it’s jealousy and rage. In the case of Democrats, it’s anger and frustration that they haven’t been able to get rid of Trump,” he said.


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