Last Monday, several landmarks were vandalized in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Items defaced with red spray paint were four large scalloped shell sculptures, the Pilgrim Maiden statue, a National Monument to the Forefathers, a sign celebrating the 400th year anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing and Plymouth Rock itself.

The tagging, which is a slang term for spray painting a distinguishing mark or phrase on something, simply read “508 MOF.”

Now, 508 is the area code for Plymouth, but the MOF was apparently a bit of a mystery. However, figuring that the idiots who did this aren’t Rhodes scholars, I’d say it’s a pretty good bet “MOF” is the further abbreviation of MOFO, which is short for mother f-er. Yes – brilliant in its simple eloquence, I know. Real wordsmiths.

Why would anyone do this? I mean, these monuments, and certainly Plymouth Rock, have been there, unmolested, for quite some time. Why deface them now?

Well, Plymouth’s year-long 400th year anniversary celebration of the first Pilgrim landing begins in April. That could be something, but it seems it must have been more than that to have spawned the hateful graffiti.

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The pilgrims of Plymouth landed in 1620, only one year removed from 1619. And what happened in 1619?

Well, according to the radical leftists at the New York Times magazine, 1619 is really the year of America’s founding, not 1776. They claim it to be because it’s the first instance of African slaves being brought to the new world.

The 1619 Project has garnered a lot of press over the past year and become quite influential to the angry, America-hating, social justice warrior crowd. It claims that slavery isn’t just about blacks but is really about America and, in fact, is part of our DNA.

It’s at best a disingenuous effort to completely rewrite American history so succeeding generations will think that our nation was built on the backs of slaves – that all that the United States is today is due to slavery. And the social justice warriors want a piece of that prosperity – without earning it, of course.

The 1619 Project is so attractive to leftists that public school districts have begun including it in their curriculum, over 3,500 to date. It’s preposterous, but that’s academia for you. They are among the most radical of all leftists.

Truth be told, there is more slavery happening worldwide today than in the entire 250 years or so of slavery in America, but these leftists don’t care about that – only about a practice that was abolished over 150 years ago.

From this we can conclude that the 1619 Project isn’t about the evils of slavery, but of tearing down America while trying to cash in on something these people are not owed or entitled to – reparations.

In fact, the 1619 Project isn’t all about slavery. It can be likened to the all encompassing Green New Deal, as it “seeks to reframe the way students see a vast array of topics from economics to health care, traffic, and music.”

According to Dr. Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College, “The 1619 Project is ‘an ideological campaign to undermine Americans’ attachment to our founding principles and to the Constitution by making slavery – rather than the principles of liberty that ended slavery and preserved our liberties for nearly 250 years – the principal focus of American history. …'”

It appears that the 1619 “Hate America” Project may very well have influenced those thugs to deface and defile a cherished historical landmark.

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