Those of us of a certain age recognize Bernie Sanders as a throwback to a type with which we became painfully familiar. He is an old-fashioned Communist or Communist fellow traveler or Communist dupe. It was hard to tell them apart, but they had this in common, among other things: in the Cold War, they fought on the other side.

That’s Bernie Sanders. He spoke up for the Communist regimes we wanted to see deposited on the ash heap of history. You don’t need to trek to a dusty archive to examine the evidence; you can go to the tape to see him in action.

Whichever category he falls into, he is a true believer. Much as we may want to keep our powder dry for the campaign in the event that Democrats anoint him their presidential nominee, the Democratic establishment is hauling out the evidence of his war record. Yesterday 60 Minutes took its turn. They go easy in case he is the eventual Democratic nominee, but they offered a glimpse of Bernie’s ghost.

CBS has posted the video and transcript of the interview here. I have embedded the video below.

Quotable quote: “It’s taxes on billionaires, you know?”

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