We on the right continue to debate which general election foe will be the easiest for President Trump to defeat.

Is it Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden?

But the way things are going, the question is becoming moot. The Democratic establishment has once again begun to circle the wagons against a perceived threat. And once again that threat is communist Bernie Sanders.

And as an aside, can we finally drop the “Sanders is a socialist” nonsense?

The conventional wisdom is that the Democrats are, for the second cycle in a row, trying to take out Bernie the Red Sanders.

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And why? It’s the same reason it was in 2016. They’re scared to death of him. They know, as do we, that Bernie won’t play nice with the establishment of any party – except the Communist Party, that is.

The Republicans are afraid of him because they fear he will burn the country to the ground – after he bankrupts us. The Dems fear him because they think he’ll disrupt the inner-circle power structure they’ve taken great pains to fashion over the last several decades.

It’s why they’ve resurrected Old Joe’s campaign from the ashes. And it looks, at least so far, to have worked. Bernie the Red may once again be robbed of the nomination.

The Dems appear to be happy about this sudden awakening of Biden’s campaign. It’s becoming evident, at least to me, that the Dems would rather lose, even to Trump, than to elevate Sanders.

But for me, I think the time has come to have this fight. Trump vs. Sanders for the heavyweight champeenship of the world!

Putting it off will do us no good. Putting off anything never does any good.

This socialism/communism vs. free market/capitalism fight has been percolating in the United States since the 1960s.

But the Dems of old – Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael “the Tank” Dukakis, Bill Clinton and even Al Gore, may have been liberal progressives, but they weren’t communists.

Even Obama, who was a Marxist when entering office, was quickly swallowed up by the establishment progressives.

But Sanders is unlikely to capitulate.

The United States has come to a historical crossroad. Which is why the battle must be fought now, while there are enough Americans who still know what the Constitution is, what it stands for and what makes it unique.

With each presidential cycle that passes, we become further removed from the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, as younger generations are no longer taught our founding principles.

It’s the same reason that the anti-constitutional progressive era began when it did. It wasn’t until the last of the Founders died off that the progressive movement really began to ascend in America.

After the last of the Founders passed, the progressives took hold, and things have slowly and methodically spiraled downward ever since. And now progressivism is giving way to socialism/communism in the mainstream.

If we wait a few more election cycles, I’m afraid the fight will be brought to our doorstep, and by then it may be too late.

This fight must be now, and free thinking Americans must come out en masse to squash the communist uprising and all who advocate for it. It cannot simply be an election like any other. It must be a referendum against radicals like Sanders and his ilk.

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