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An environmental group identifying itself as being part of the “Extinction Rebellion” now is claiming that coronavirus is the “cure” to the “disease” of “humans.”

Summit News is reporting that the posters have started appearing on lampposts – as well as online on the Twitter account of XREastMidlands:

“Earth is healing. The air and water is clearing,” the group said on social media: “Corona is the cure. Humans are the disease!”

Summit reported, “When another branch of Extinction Rebellion challenged that this ‘does not follows XR’s principles,’ the East Midlands chapter doubled down. ‘We are pointing out that from the perspective of the Earth, humans behave like a disease. The idea is not to be,’ they responded.”

Summit commented. “While Extinction Rebellion East Midlands may represent little more than the ravings of one idiot, the notion that humanity somehow deserved coronavirus and that it’s good for the planet has been widely shared by environmentalists and celebrities.”

That would be, according to the report, actor Idris Elba, who tested positive for the Chinese virus, then claimed COVID-19 was the earth “reacting to the human race.”

On social media, after the XREastMidlands statement, “YouthStrike4Climate” said, “This is ecofascism and the complete opposite of everything the climate movement stands for.”

Extinction Rebellion Sheffield said, “Humans are not the disease. The system that we have built may be toxic but we are beautiful.”

Extinction Rebellion Croydon added, “There have been over 17,000 deaths. That’s no cure.”

Extinction Rebellion Leiden said, “Public Service Announcement: XR as a whole does not support this message AT ALL. Just because some wankers in the East Midlands have learned how to print stickers does not mean they speak for all of us.”

Extinction Rebellion itself said, “This account is not managed by Extinction Rebellion UK or Extinction Rebellion East Midlands, and these messages are in no way a representation of the principles and values held by the movement and so are not the movement. We are investigating this now.”


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