I wonder how many hundreds of billions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions Democratic political candidates receive each election cycle from America’s big media companies? At what point in the “balance” between the political left and right does reporting end and propaganda begin?

Now flip your view over: How many billions of dollars in political advertising income do America’s big media companies receive every election cycle? If “the news” were really a reflection of, say, advertising revenue, would there be a 50-50 balance? 40-60? 30-70?

Early on in my computer career, when Microsoft was growing in computer dominance, an email periodically circulated (purportedly from Bill Gates, when he actually ran Microsoft) which announced that company’s acquisition of the federal government. “It’s a partnership that works for both of us,” Gates suggested.

It took more time and more money than simply Microsoft could supply to actually acquire the federal government, but it looks like it has happened. Otherwise, how does one explain small business cake-bakers being forced to produce cakes offensive to the baker’s faith – while tech behemoths are encouraged to censor free speech in favor of officialdom?

Big tech can censor away. Big media can lie themselves senseless. But bakers better make darn sure their donuts have 17 different hole designs or they will find their business closed by the Party of Inclusion.

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When did America enter this state of permanent insanity? Perhaps more importantly, is there a way out of it? Even health issues and new disease treatments can’t be discussed openly in media or on tech platforms, unless you are an expert (affectionately known as a drip under pressure) on someone’s corporate payroll.

Is there a way out? It turns out the answer is yes. It also turns out that lots of people won’t like it. Those who especially won’t like it are the Democratic mucky-mucks, who have enjoyed free media propaganda, big tech censorship of their opponents’ views and free cover-ups of embarrassing information that could cost them the election – if it ever came to light.

Democrats loved FDR’s use of federal emergency powers to safeguard America during World War II. They grew addicted to dictatorial powers, however, and left them in place. This actually functions quite well for a nation when politicians of all stripes realize that such powers are only to be used in very grave times and curtailed as soon as possible. When elections devolve into unrestricted warfare and the election contest never ends, the nation is in peril. This describes America today. Democrats and their allies are not engaged in electioneering; they are engaged in an insurrection.

With COVID-19 on the prowl, big media has ramped up its fear-mongering and cure-bashing in an effort to convince us that a vaccine is the only cure, and we have to stay home until that cure is found. The economy, of course, must be sacrificed “to keep us all safe” and for the election to go to the Democrats, and manufacturing back to China.

With an emergency now in force across the entire nation, what has been insignificant Republican and Deplorable-voiced opposition to the Democrats’ big-media-tech-globalist voice is about to transform to emergency powers, up close and personal.

I find myself looking forward to polite and pleasant young men and women from the various branches of our armed forces delivering the nightly news and commentary as this unfolds. I suspect there will be far more diversity of news and opinion under this emergency than most of us have seen during a lifetime of the corruptocrat news networks.

Does history repeat itself from time to time with different actors? If you are interested in a biblical account of what we are witnessing, look up Haman and Mordecai in the Old Testament. Inflamed passions do not lead to good governance. Let’s see what emerges from the ashes of the Democratic Party, after the national emergency subsides.

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