The rhetoric surrounding COVID-19 here on planet Earth indicates that the majority of Democrats have already mentally departed on the first Elon Musk starship for Mars. They make an unlikely group of extraterrestrial pioneers. They want tyrannical government “leaders” to provide for their every need, have clearly marked emergency exits to “safe spaces” on the trip there, and expect stockpiles of food, water and oxygen to be there when they arrive. Idiots! They should have waited for the Bezos’ trip to Venus.

Giving a blue-state governor an emergency declaration – even in an emergency – marks the end of democratic government. The legislative and judicial branches of state government are “suspended,” as in left hanging beneath the gallows. The only active branch remains the executive, kept in power by police who seem impervious to their oath to the Constitution. Fortunately, there are plenty of newly vacated jails that previously held dangerous criminals, where new citizen prisoners can be kept for indeterminate times after violating the executive’s newfound lawmaking powers.

Any pandemic – from the common cold, influenza, COVID-19 to hangovers – are now the best campaign issue the gods of the underworld have given the Democratic Party since Eve had that first disastrous conversation with the serpent in the Garden. Unlimited amounts of money can be freed up from future generations to fight the virus. Political empires can be expanded; money for state corruption is increased; bureaucrats can hire more bureaucrats, contractors, friends and relatives. Even media personalities benefit: Both reporters and talking heads can explain why the first 10 amendments to our Constitution were reckless and unnecessary, and why lockdown should continue indefinitely.

The virus will of course be ended when the human immune system learns how to protect against it. Treatments that have been in use for over 50 years are suddenly “reckless,” unapproved, unscientific and anecdotal, even when based on the treating physician’s experience with patients.

Only treatments that require annual replenishment and are immunized by the government against financial responsibility are real medicine. Medications that kill the virus, rather than repel it, are verboten, because the Gates Foundation needs more annual vaccine income, and Big Pharma is always happy to help in such charitable endeavors. Besides, who better to head vaccine development for all manner of illnesses than the man who created the most fertile virus replication software environment in world history?

TRENDING: Obama intel chief James Clapper can’t recall why his office made Flynn unmasking requests

Federal government health agencies, headed by renowned AIDS fighters who after a generation of deaths and the expenditure of hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars still haven’t banished that disease, must step in to regulate our economic output during the Wuhan flu. Even if a flattened economy saves one life from the virus, killing the future for all the rest of us is a small price to pay. Sending federal grant monies to help China develop the Wuhan flu was absolutely the right thing to do, even if it violated U.S. law against such research. Besides, what does China have to do with the Wuhan flu in America?

Government banishment of citizens to isolation in their homes, the accompanying loneliness, unemployment, economic desperation, domestic violence, mental illness and suicide are a small price to pay for further entrenching the Democratic Party in blue-state governments.

Sending elderly COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes filled with the most vulnerable population was a perfectly responsible decision. How dare you question our Flu Fuhrer!

Closing schools and continuing to pay teachers, while students fall behind and cannot graduate, despite their insignificant rate of COVID-19 infection, is a necessary precaution. But did a great economy with jobs waiting for new graduates need a precaution?

Forcing small businesses to close until their states’ little Faucis say they can reopen is a necessary precaution against what? Is that what is needed to bring about a socialist economy in America? Stay home, Herr Citizen. Watch the news. Don’t you know how dangerous it is out there? Let us take care of you. It will all last until our bonds are no longer worth the electrons with which they are fashioned. Turn away from alternative narratives. You must listen to us. Freedom is an illusion.

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