President Trump vowed to restore order to a riot-ridden nation on Monday, expressing sadness over the death of George Floyd, threatening to send the National Guard and military to quell the uprisings, reminding Americans that “where there is no justice there is no liberty,” and leading a march from the front door of the White House through Lafayette Park to visit the historical church that rioters had set ablaze the night before.

Trump’s show of strength and resolve compared favorably with his adversaries’ sympathy for the vandals, suggesting once again that squishiness will not help the President in November, when voters will look for a choice rather than an echo.

Meanwhile, leftist mayors and governors struggle to maintain order not merely within their political jurisdictions but even within their own families.

Shortly after Minnesota governor Tim Walz called in the National Guard, his daughter Hope assuaged rioters’ fears by tweeting out information about the Guard’s movements.

Likewise, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s 25-year-old daughter Chiara was arrested in Union Square for demonstrating with a group of 100 or so people, some of whom were hurling objects at cops.

Civil society begins with the family. No wonder ours is crumbling.

Meanwhile, just days after the coronavirus dropped mysteriously out of the news, scientists warn that a new bird flu may soon kill half the world’s population.

Dr. Michael Gregor published the apocalyptic prophesy in his new book, How To Survive A Pandemic, which most people are rightly ignoring. The last round of doomsday predictions about coronavirus fortunately failed to materialize, and the former propagators of that hysteria have conveniently changed their tune on social distancing ever since leftist rioters replaced the anti-lockdown protesters.

Most people seem simply to have had enough.

While vandals stole Nikes and torched neighborhoods over the weekend, two astronauts slipped the surly bonds of earth to launch the first manned U.S. spacecraft in nearly four decades. Over 10 million people watched the launch live.

President Trump attended and addressed the crowds, first about the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing riots, and then about the future of American space exploration.

“For every citizen who has eagerly waited for America to reignite those engines of will, confidence and imagination that put a man on the moon, I stand before you to say you need wait no longer,” Trump promised.

Yet as radicals, rioters, and activists harangue one another over ills past and present, real and imagined, that excitement for America’s future feels more like dread.

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