'Emotional support llama' participates in Portland protest…

'Emotional support llama' participates in Portland protest…



The llama, named Caesar, joined the peaceful protest as a morale booster, his owner says, and delighted participants

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Participants in a Portland, Oregon Black Lives Matter protest and march were comforted to see one participant’s ”emotional support” llama joining the demonstration, The Sun reports.

Named Caesar, the Portland area support animal and “llamactivist,” also known as a therapy llama, has been hailed online as the “no drama llama” after joining the march on Tuesday. 

Others, according to The Sun reports, called the furry five-year old creature a “morale booster.”

The Sun quoted Portland resident Caitlin Reasor, who attended the peaceful protest march and said of the support llama, “Everyone seemed really happy to have him there, even those who were confused by his presence…he was definitely a good morale booster.”

“I was only there for about two hours,” Caitlin continued, “but it was an extremely peaceful and positive protest, those leading it made sure to talk about the impact of police brutality and bring up many of the hundreds of names of people who fall victim to it every day.”

Caesar the therapy llama delighted participants in the protest march

Larry McCool marched for about three miles with the ever-friendly support llama, who was more than happy to allow Portland residents to come up for selfies and a nice hug.

Today.com caught up with McCool about how he and Caesar feel about the protest movement.

“He will just walk up to people and lean right against them or snuggle with them or ask them for attention,” McCool continued. “He just wants somebody to hug him.”

McCool was keen to counter the prevailing notion that all llamas are ill-tempered and are wont to spit at people.

Caesar isn’t like that, McCool insisted at the Portland march. Instead, the support llama has the temperament of a dog.

The New York Post got more delighted reactions from the crowds at the protest.

“Some people say that it wasn’t safe to bring an animal,” Nakaycha continued, “but I think the fact that we had successfully had two or three peaceful protests into downtown Portland — people were much more willing to get involved and march and show solidarity.”

Since George Floyd’s death after being arrested by Minnesota policemen nearly two weeks ago, protests have spread across all 50 states. 

A nation weary of coronavirus lockdown and motivated by concerns about racial justice and law enforcement has come out in force, with droves of people — and one Portland support llama — attending protests and marches big and small in all 50 states. 

KATU2 reported on the state of the Portland march outside of the support llama appearance.

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