Hillary Clinton says in a new interview that she’s spending her time these days working to “retire” President Donald Trump, and she feels a deep sense of responsibility for his being in office after she lost to him in 2016.

“I’m spending most of my time trying to do everything I can to retire him, and to send him back to the golf course full time,” Clinton, the 2016 Democrat nominee and former secretary of State, told comedian Amy Schumer in an interview for Variety.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is first cousin to the comedian’s dad, but the family connection was not mentioned in the wide-ranging interview, during which she and the onetime first lady also discussed the Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd.

During their Zoom conversation, Clinton confided in Schumer that she has had a “real sense of deep responsibility,” as she “just can’t bear the fact that this man became president.”

“For whatever combination of reasons, and there were a lot of reasons, I win a popular vote and lose the Electoral College by literally a handful,” Clinton commented.

She also said that it was an “emotional gut punch,” when she learned about losing to Trump, as “I didn’t think I was going to lose.”

Meanwhile, Clinton told Schumer that society can’t keep ignoring videos such as that of Floyd’s death under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer.

“It really is a kind of moment of moral reckoning,” she said. “They can’t turn away from that 8-minute-and-46-second video. They can’t turn away from the look on that policeman’s face where he just literally shifted his body and put his hand in [his] pocket and put greater pressure on Mr. Floyd’s neck. … They have to come to grips with what has gone on,” Clinton added.

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