The Senate Republicans’ legislation on law enforcement reform is “closer to the trash can than it’s ever been” after Democrats blocked it from advancing because they want to keep the issue under their control until the November election, and that makes their actions “pure race politics at its worse,” Sen. Tim Scott said Thursday.

“What actually happened was that the Democrats did not believe that we would produce a quality product,” the South Carolina Republican said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “Once we produced it and the president put the icing on the cake and came up with an executive order that even liberal commentators (said) was a meaningful executive order, I think they took a leap back because they don’t want this president to have a victory on another serious issue confronting the minority communities. This is pure, pure race politics at its worse.”

Scott added that Democrats want to hold onto the issue for themselves because they believe they are going to win in November so they’d rather write their own reform bill without any input from the Republican Party . . . they had no desire to actually solve this issue before the election.”

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans “did our part,” said Scott. “(In) liberal controlled communities like Atlanta and Minneapolis, Cleveland, we were saying to those residents, we hear you, we see you, here are reforms.”

“We are coming after to fix their problems and that’s what the Republican Party has been doing for decades, fixing the challenges brought to people in liberal cities by liberal politicians,” said Scott. 

Scott said he’s frustrated that the bill did not advance because the victims of police brutality feel like they are not heard. 

But, he added, “I will not give the Democrats and it’s the one thing they demanded, was for us to demonize law enforcement. I refused to do so. I’m not going to stereotype police officers especially as an African American who doesn’t want to be stereotyped.”

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