Social media websites aren’t being unfair to only President Donald Trump, but to “all conservatives,” his son, Donald Trump Jr., said Tuesday morning. 

“It’s people who are pro-life, it’s people who are pro-Second Amendment, the religious right, I mean it’s happened to me on numerous occasions,” Trump Jr. said during an extensive interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo.

He recalled that he came under fire for doubting the story of Jussie Smollett, the TV star found to have faked an attack by white supremacists. 

“I got targeted for hate speech, but it turns out I was right,” he said. “That didn’t stop the mainstream media from, you know, dragging me through the mud for three or four days but you know that’s what’s going on.”

Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, he added, are “controlled by leftists … they all believe in one thing and it’s not free speech. They only believe in their speech, you know, you can only be woke. If you’re not woke, again a cancellable offense.”

He also accused sites of “doing whatever they can to manipulate an election” by making sure “certain content is pushed and others’ is totally stymied and that’s not right … they gotta lose those protections and the liability that’s probably worth billions of dollars in terms of protection to them from our federal government because taxpayers shouldn’t be funding their own suppression.”

Trump Jr. also on Tuesday railed about former national security adviser John Bolton, whose highly critical memoir is topping bestseller lists. 

“No one’s gonna put pressure on the guy that does something really really bad against Donald Trump,” said his son. “You know Donald Trump didn’t get into John Bolton’s endless wars. We didn’t start 50 wars. We didn’t nuke every country that John Bolton would have wanted to nuke for no real reason, to put our men and women and our soldiers at risk, to spend trillions of dollars fighting the endless war.”

The president pushed back, he added, so Bolton “became a petulant child. Someone offers him two million dollars it’s set up now we can write the hit book, then he did so without thinking, just blinded by the hatred.”

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