On Thursday evening, a manager of a Bath & Body Works store in Scottsdale, Arizona, told a man walking by the store who claims he was wearing a pro-President Donald Trump face mask, “F*** Donald Trump.”

“My experience at Scottsdale Fashion Square was not nice,” posted pro-Trump activist Jeremiah Cota via Facebook on Thursday. “I was accosted by the Bath [&] Body Woks manager simply for wearing a Trump face mask.”

“She yelled at me ‘F—- Donald Trump’ while I was simply walking by the store. I was not in the store; she yelled at me while I was walking by,” he clarified.

“I went to ask if I misheard her and she said no,” Cota described, as is shown on video (see below). “Sorry for the coarse language; I had to repeat what she said just to make sure I heard correctly.”

“This is what passes for customer service towards Trump supporters now days,” he added.

Below is the exchange captured via video:

Cota: Are you the manager?

Manager: I am her.

Cota: –of Bath & Body Works?

Manager: I don’t want to be recorded.

Cota: What did you say again, ma’am?

Manager: Have a good night.

Cota: You said f*** Donald Trump?

Manager: Yeah, because that’s how I feel.

“I was accosted by [Bath & Body Works] manager simply for wearing a Trump face mask,” Cota similarly posted via Twitter. “She yelled at me ‘F—- Donald Trump’ while I was simply walking by the store. I went to ask if I misheard her and she said no. Poor customer service at [Bath & Body Works].”

“For those wondering where this harassment took place. This occured at the #BathandBodyWorks store at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall @ScottsdaleFS,” he added.

The company responded to the post via Twitter, asking Mr. Cota to privately message them about the incident.

“We’d like the opportunity to speak with you about your experience, Jeremiah,” the company said. “Please DM (direct message) us your phone number and best time to contact you. Thank you!”

“[T]his was the store at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall,” Cota responded online. “I was walking by the store with my family when the manager yelled an unprovoked expletive at me for my #MAGA face mask. This was an embarrassing and harassing experience for me coming from your management.”

The trend of hate hurled at open supporters of the president is largely ignored by the media, a USA Today op-ed published last year highlighted.

“Recent attacks against individuals wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats have failed to make it to the national news media cycle, giving the impression that attacks from President Donald Trump’s supporters are the only ones worth noting,” author Gil Smart argued.

“Days before a Martin County, Florida, bus aide allegedly ripped a ‘Make America Great’ hat off a 14-year-old student, an 18-year-old student in Edmond, Oklahoma, was charged with assault and battery after he allegedly demanded a classmate remove a similar MAGA hat, then knocked the hat off the younger kid’s head when he didn’t comply,” Smart outlined. “The same day that the Oklahoma incident occurred, Feb. 25, an 81-year-old man was allegedly assaulted by a much younger man outside a ShopRite in Franklin, New Jersey, in a physical altercation over a hat.”

The author added: “Take a wild guess what the hat said.”


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