President spoke out Wednesday on the two-months long attacks on the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon by Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters, warning Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) and Governor Kate Brown (D) to clean up the city or the federal government would.

A photographer’s flashbulb lights up President Trump’s face as he addresses reporters at the White House, Fox News screen images, July 29.

Trump commented about Portland to reporters on the South Lawn before he departed the White House for Texas, and on Twitter about reports the federal government would be withdrawing officers from the city. (Acting DHS Sec. Chad Wolf later said the agreement with Oregon calls for the feds to withdraw augmenting LEOs only after the attacks stop and Oregon law enforcement secures the city from rioters.)

“If the Federal Government and its brilliant Law Enforcement (Homeland) didn’t go into Portland one week ago, there would be no Portland — It would be burned and beaten to the ground. If the Mayor and Governor…do not stop the Crime and Violence from the Anarchists and Agitators immediately, the Federal Government will go in and do the job that local law enforcement was supposed to do!”

TRENDING: BREAKING: Antifa Terrorist Who Threw Bomb at Federal Agents in Portland is Identified — BY HIS GRANDMOTHER!

Video of Trump speaking to reporters on Portland:

White House transcript:

9:15 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. We have a lot of things going on. As you know, we’re heading out to Texas right now.

But Portland — I’ll give you a little report on Portland: We have the courthouse very well secured. Our people have done a fantastic job. You hear all sorts of reports about us leaving. We’re not leaving until they’ve secured their city. We told the governor, we told the mayor: “Secure your city.” If they don’t secure their city soon, we have no choice — we’re going to have to go in and clean it out. We’ll do it very easily. We’re all prepared to do it.

So, in Portland, they either clean out their city and do the job and get rid of the anarchists and agitators, which is what they are. They’re not protesters; they’re anarchists and agitators. We have many in jail. Many of them have been put in jail. It’s going to be a long sentence. They either clean out their city and do it right, or we’re going to have to do it for them.

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