RUSH: John Kasich. We have two sound bites. Did you see Kasich? He stood last night, he was in a field at a forked road, and it was gravel, gravel forked road. It was to look, I guess, like the V-shaped recovery that Trump keeps talking about. We’ve had the plunge on the left and then the massive recovery on the right.

And, by the way, I think if I were you, I would prepare yourself for massively good economic recovery news next month and into October. I think the economy is actually beginning to really percolate and roar back. There’s hard evidence for it. The fact the Drive-Bys are not talking about it is added evidence. Now, Kasich spoke last night. First sound bite number 10. He’s standing there in a rural area at a fork in the road. He’s standing at the fork on the gravel road and here’s a part of what he said.

KASICH: America is at that crossroads today. I’m sure there are Republicans and independents who couldn’t imagine crossing over to support a Democrat. They fear Joe may turn sharp left and leave them behind. I don’t believe that because I know the measure of the man. He’s reasonable, faithful, respectful. And you know, no one pushes Joe around.

RUSH: This is embarrassing. Joe isn’t Joe anymore, John. The question really is, what has happened to you? You know, you were against Trump as the governor of Ohio and you didn’t influence anybody to vote against him. And now you’re out leading a Never Trump effort again by posing at a fork in the road, in a gravel road and trying to assure everybody that Joe isn’t gonna turn — John, do you not realize that party’s already done a sharp left?

What do you think’s happening in Portland? What do you think’s happening in Seattle? What do you think was happening in New York? What do you think these people, these Democrats that you love keeping the economy in New York and California purposely on lockdown to damage the economy nationwide just to get rid of Trump? Your dad was a mailman. People like your dad are getting hurt. Now your dad’s truck may be in a cage. You might want to look into that.

So today, Kasich was on CNN talking to John King. And he doesn’t understand why Republicans have a problem with him endorsing Biden.

KASICH: Tell me why, what is it that you don’t like about what I had to say last night? Do you not like the fact that I said that we need to come together, that big things in America get accomplished when we all work together?

RUSH: Oh, John.

KASICH: What is it specifically that you don’t like?

RUSH: John.

KASICH: You’re kind of dumbfounded to answer that in many ways. I’m not saying everybody, but many people —

RUSH: John.

KASICH: — just cast aspersions, which is fine.

RUSH: John, there’s no coming together. They’re not interested in coming together. You’re antiquating yourself here by talking like this. America, you get things accomplished when we all work together. They have no desire to work together.

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