There are often challenges for conservatives that prevent them from getting directly involved in activism. The left has always been better at taking to the streets. As conservatives, we often say they’re better because we have jobs and they don’t, or perhaps because we do our activism at the voting booth or by donating to conservative causes. While there may be some truth to these excuses, they’re still excuses nonetheless. We need to do more.

Savanah Hernandez is doing more. She has built a reputation for herself by going to Black Lives Matter protests and acting as a #BlueLivesMatter proponent, often doing so with very little support. She has even held her own #BlueLivesMatter rallies that have drawn attention from Black Lives Matter. But she’s a journalist at heart and can be seen shooting footage in BLM hotspots like Portland and Austin.

She joined JD on the latest episode of NOQ Report to discuss these and other issues facing our nation today. She described her biggest “red pill” moment and discussed speculation that she may be running for political office in the near future. This is a must-watch show.

We can no longer rely on the “silent majority” to win elections and fight the cultural battle for us. People like Savanah Hernandez are taking to the streets and letting their conservative principles be known.

American Conservative Movement

Join fellow patriots as we form a grassroots movement to advance the cause of conservatism. The coronavirus crisis has prompted many, even some conservatives, to promote authoritarianism. It’s understandable to some extent now, but it must not be allowed to embed itself in American life. We currently have 8000+ patriots with us in a very short time. If you are interested, please join us to receive updates.

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