There’s nothing shady about Team Mueller wiping at least 15 phones (other reports say it was 27!) before the Department of Justice could examine them.


Nothing shady at all.

Are they effing kidding us?! Sean Davis’ thread is something else, take a look:

Seems Team Mueller has a cellphone problem.






And phones don’t just wipe themselves, you guys. C’mon.


Is that like Hillary using a cloth to wipe a server?

DAMN these people are awful. There are no words strong enough to describe these liars … just awful.

What a bunch of morons.

Sorry, not sorry.

Negative eleventy-billion percent.


Seems totally legit.

Forget that it could have been as many as 27 phones …

Sorry, 31 phones.


Freakin’ cellphones, wiping themselves and stuff.

This is pretty big, folks.

What are they hiding?



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