Recent reports seeking to damage President Donald Trump before the election should be taken with skepticism, especially if they are held for months, if not years, “hypocrisy at its worst,” according to former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Newsmax TV.

Sanders told Thursday’s “Spicer & Co.” that “every reporter in the country should be asking” why Watergate reporter Bob Woodward held his “Rage” interviews with Trump before the election.

“If he really thought that there was danger to American lives, he should have said something – he clearly didn’t; he saved it because he thought it would be good fodder for the talk show circuit, and he could make an extra couple dollars selling more books by waiting,” Sanders told host Sean Spicer, a fellow former press secretary for the Trump administration. 

“And I think that tells you everything you need to know about this book. It is meant to paint the president in the worst light possible, and that’s not surprising coming from Bob Woodward. That’s what his books usually look like.”

Sanders, appearing to promote her new book “Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House,” also rejected The Atlantic story published two years later to damage the president before the 2020 election, going on the record in saying Trump does not view dead American soldiers as “losers” or “suckers.”

“Who do they cover? They cover the anonymous source, the coward who won’t put their name on the record,” Sanders told Spicer about the 20-something on the record sources refuting the report against the one anonymous storyteller.

“I was there that day. I was part of those conversations. I know that those comments were not said by the president.”

Sanders noted Spicer himself is a member of the military and a former staffer for the president and also refutes the claim the president disparages troops. It is a tale told by Joe Biden backers seeking to help him earn the military vote, which Biden has been calling for in days leading up to and around the reports.

“That’s not the way that this president feels about the men and women who have served,” she added to Spicer. “He has a great deal of respect for them. I witnessed that certainly day after day in the 2½ years I was there, and I’m sure that you had the same experience in your interaction with the president, too.”

Spicer responded, “It’s the opposite of that,” adding another on the record rebuke of the report.

Sanders also pointed to the fact the media seeking to damage the president’s reelection hopes are not covering Dr. Anthony Fauci any longer because he would not say the president was lying to the American people about COVID-19 dangers.

“Yeah, it’s shocking to me the hypocrisy,” she said. “They have made Dr. Fauci the gospel on all things COVID-related until the moment that he defends the president.

“Now, all of a sudden, we don’t hear them saying Dr. Fauci’s name a lot today, and I find that as hypocrisy at its worst. Unfortunately, I am not too surprised by it.”  

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