RUSH: Well, blow me down. Look at this” “Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Viewed Negatively by Two-Thirds of City’s Voters,” according to the latest news report. “Only 26% of voters viewed the mayor favorably … Mayor Ted Wheeler is viewed negatively by 63% — or nearly two-thirds — of the city’s voters … reported.”

Do you realize how big this is? Let me try to put this in perspective for you. The Drive-By Media has been presenting this guy as a hero. They have been promoting this guy as a hero. They’ve been promoting him as cutting edge. They have been promoting him as on the same side as the peace-loving protesters. He has attempted to be with them when they have peace-lovingly protested. He’s gotten tear-gassed!

They’ve made fun of him. They’ve mocked him. They have firebombed his house. They’ve forced him out of his apartment. Yet he still sucks up to them — and the media (CNN leading the way) has tried to portray Ted Wheeler as some kind of cutting edge, New Age leader. And it turns out that two-thirds of the city’s voters — not population, but voters — view him negatively.

Sixty-three percent — and he’s got an opponent. “In November, Wheeler will face Sarah Iannarone, an urban policy consultant,” (chuckles) an urban policy consulant, “in a runoff election for the mayoralty after failing to attract 50%-plus-one voters in the city’s May election.” The bottom line is they portrayed this guy as universally loved and popular and that, therefore, the people in Portland very much approve of the destruction of their city.

This has been one of the most outrageous examples of media distortion in my lifetime — and not just Portland, but Seattle and Minneapolis — as they have attempted to the portray the people that live in these cities as totally supportive of the destruction of private property, destruction of people’s livelihoods, jobs, and dreams, “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Everybody in Minneapolis is all for what’s happening there. Everybody in Portland is all for it.”

“No, they’re not,” finally, we learn. “No, they’re not, and the mayor is not universally cutting edge popular.” It just… Folks, it’s another bit of evidence that even the city of Portland is not ready to go all Marxist all the time. They’re not ready to go all communist. Neither is Seattle. We are living in so many media myths that it is impossible to keep them all straight unless you listen to and believe me.

I will keep you straight about this.

There is no way the Democrat Party is gonna win this presidential election in a fair one. There is no way they’re gonna win it in a landslide. There is no way what you’re being told is gonna happen is gonna happen. Not if what you’re being told as the Democrat Party winning. It isn’t going to happen, and it’s not because there’s a bunch of secret Trump voters out there that are not willing to be honest with pollsters.

It’s that there aren’t enough Marxists and communists in this country willing to vote for it. We have not crossed the boundary. We have not gone to the dark side. This country is not Marxist, it is not communist, despite CNN and MSNBC and the New York Times’ best efforts to make you think that you’ve lost your country, that Marxists and communists have taken over. No, they have not. It isn’t even close.

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