RUSH: We go to Peter in Ontario, Canada, to get started on the phones. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us today.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, you’re in our family, you’re in our prayers. Rush, two points very quickly. First of all, 23 years I lived in downtown Philly. I had a lot of Philly cop friends. You know Nick’s on 19th, the roast beef spot. All those cops always around there. I know you’ve been there. But I gotta tell you something. Those good old boys, they’d be pulling the people out in front of that hospital quicker than you can say jack. You know, Rush, that it’s the Obama administration that started all this. Instead of policy, all they could do was, you know, pull the race card on everything around them.

RUSH: Give me an example of what you mean when you say that Obama’s administration is responsible for what is thought of the cops today. Give me an example. You sound very certain, but I want to know exactly what you mean.

CALLER: You know, it was always the cop’s fault. Look at the beer — you remember the beer thing with the —

RUSH: Oh, yeah, the Skip Gates. Skip Gates. Skip Gates gets arrested, his house was broken into, get arrested for it. Obama called the cop stupid, and the Cambridge policeman in Boston stupid and then arranges a beer summit in the White House for Skip Gates and the cop to talk it out.

CALLER: He would go against the cops before he even had facts.

RUSH: That’s true. In that instance —

CALLER: Every time.

RUSH: Well, see this —

CALLER: Every time.

RUSH: The thing about Obama, the reason I wanted just one example, just one example so the caller can be validated and verified — look, I can’t be expected to do everything here. And this a great example. And one of the things that I don’t think gets enough comments — and it didn’t at the time — is the racial division created in this country by Obama and the Obama administration. And it was done purposefully. And it was a strategic part of implementing whatever aspect of the Obama agenda.

Now, a lot of Americans — let me position it this way. There were a lot of white Americans who are not racists, they’re not bigots, they don’t even know what white supremacy means, and this white privilege stuff. All they knew was they’re sick and tired of being called racist just ’cause they’re white. They’re sick and tired of the countries being labeled as racist.

So they couldn’t wait to vote for Obama. They didn’t care if Obama was a communist, a Marxist, or whatever he was. He was black, and so they were gonna vote for him. The reason they were gonna vote for him was so it could be proven that they were not racist and that the country isn’t racist. How could a racist country elect an African-American president, is the way they thought about it. And there were millions of white Americans who thought about it exactly that way.

And the purpose, the reason, the objective for voting for Obama was to, for once and all, get rid of this silly idea that America has made no progress whatsoever in race relations because these people believe the exact opposite, that lots of progress has been made. There’s still more to go. Nobody thinks we’ve reached perfection on this. But there is no case that can be made that we haven’t done a thing. We’ve done lots.

So they wanted to prove it. They wanted there to be no doubt. So many white Americans voted for Obama hoping that his election would end forever the debate and the assertion that America is a racist nation. What those people didn’t know because they are not ideologically, shall I say, trained, they were not ideologically awakened. They didn’t have the slightest idea that such an assertion was never, ever gonna be permitted.

In fact, the election of Barack Obama was gonna be used to divide the people of the country even more, because dividing the people of the country was Obama’s objective. How’d they do it? Very simple. Any Obama proposal that was not universally agreed to and accepted by everybody was said to be racist. The opposition to Obama’s agenda was said to be racist by people who had voted for him, by people who had voted for him to wipe out this whole idea. Any criticism of Obama was said to be racist.

You were not even allowed to criticize. The president of the United States. It was impermissible to criticize him. It was impermissible to criticize his policies. Imagine, folks, to not be able to criticize the president of the United States, the most powerful man in the country to not be able, using the First Amendment, to criticize policies, you have to shut up, otherwise you’re a racist?

They milked it. They used that to the maximum ability they could. Racial division led us to Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Racial division is exactly what the left wanted. And we see now why.

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