When “Roy Moore” started trending this morning on Twitter, I cringed. I thought, “What now?” After losing an Alabama Senate race, then losing the follow-up primary for the same seat again, Judge Roy Moore should be completely out of the news. Regardless of whether you believe him or not about his alleged dating habits 50-years ago, his time in the political spotlight is done.

I was relieved at first to realize his name was trending because of an unhinged comparison between what Moore allegedly did and the disgraceful actions of Netflix in airing and promoting the French film “Cuties” that grossly sexualizes 11-year-old girls to be fodder for pedophiles. Then, I scrolled down further and realized they were using this ludicrous comparison as an attack on the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr, who had lambasted Netflix, Hollywood, and Democrats in general for attempting to normalize pedophilia. Specifically, he was calling out California Governor Gavin Newsom for signing a bill reducing penalties for child rapists.

On cue, leftists pointed out that Trump Jr. supported Moore’s initial Senate run after he won the primary. They also targeted the President in their Tweets. There are so many problems with this comparison it will be difficult to report them concisely, but we’ll try…

  • Accusations by the women who Moore allegedly dated when they were teens all point to consensual relationships that did NOT include sexual intercourse. While it’s fair to be completely against older men dating underage teens, even with consent from the teens and their parents, it’s not fair to call him a pedophile.
  • “Cuties” is for public display. It’s a piece of fiction designed for mass distribution. Many who watch it will be sexual deviants, including pedophiles, who will use this movie’s sexual depiction of pre-teen girls for their own sick desires. There was nothing public about Moore’s alleged actions and no pedophiles were given material they could use to express their deviance.
  • Trump Jr’s assessment on Democrat groupthink is accurate. While not all Democrats are defending or promoting “Cuties,” all those who are defending or promoting “Cuties” appear to be Democrats. After reading through literally hundreds of Tweets and Facebook posts defending the sanctity of the depraved depictions in this movie, all of them have been part of the political left.
  • There are almost certainly sexual predators who have been called to action over “Cuties,” the California law in question, and the general embrace by radical leftists for normalizing sexual relationships with children. There were no sexual predators inspired by tales of Roy Moore’s dating habits.

It’s sad that for the sake of political gain, many on the left will defend a sick movie like “Cuties” just to hit Donald Trump Jr. and his family. This is just another reason to vote for President Trump in November.

COVID-19 may take down an independent news outlet

Nobody said running a media site would be easy. We could use some help keeping this site afloat.

Colleagues have called me the worst fundraiser ever. My skills are squarely rooted on the journalistic side of running a news outlet. Paying the bills has never been my forte, but we’ve survived. We have ads on the site that help, but since the site’s inception this has been a labor of love that otherwise doesn’t bring in the level of revenue necessary to justify it.

When I left a nice, corporate career in 2017, I did so knowing I wouldn’t make nearly as much money. But what we do at NOQ Report to deliver the truth and fight the progressive mainstream media narrative that has plagued this nation is too important for me to sacrifice it for the sake of wealth. We know we’ll never make a ton of money this way, and we’re okay with that.

Things have become harder with the coronavirus lockdowns. Both ad money and donations that have kept us afloat for a while have dropped dramatically. We thought we could weather the storm, but the so-called “surge” or “2nd-wave” that mainstream media and Democrats are pushing has put our prospects in jeopardy. In short, we are now in desperate need of financial assistance.

The best way NOQ Report readers can help is to donate. Our Giving Fuel page makes it easy to donate one-time or monthly. Alternatively, you can donate through PayPal as well. We need approximately $11,500 to stay afloat for the rest of 2020, but more would be wonderful and any amount that brings us closer to our goal is greatly appreciated.

The second way to help is to become a partner. We’ve strongly considered seeking angel investors in the past but because we were paying the bills, it didn’t seem necessary. Now, we’re struggling to pay the bills. This shouldn’t be the case as our traffic the last year has been going up dramatically. June, 2018, we had 11,678 visitors. A year later in June, 2019, we were up to 116,194. In June, 2020, we had 614,192. We’re heading in the right direction and we believe we’re ready talk to patriotic investors who want to not only “get in on the action” but more importantly who want to help America hear the truth. Interested investors should contact me directly with the contact button above.

Election year or not, coronavirus lockdowns or not, anarchic riots or not, the need for truthful journalism endures. But in these times, we need as many conservative media voices as possible. Please help keep NOQ Report going.

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American Conservative Movement

Join fellow patriots as we form a grassroots movement to advance the cause of conservatism. The coronavirus crisis has prompted many, even some conservatives, to promote authoritarianism. It’s understandable to some extent now, but it must not be allowed to embed itself in American life. We currently have 8000+ patriots with us in a very short time. If you are interested, please join us to receive updates.

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