Only a Washington, D.C., outsider like President Donald Trump could have made the historical peace in the Middle East progress that was made Tuesday at the White House, according to former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell on Newsmax TV.

“Today and historical agreements would not happen if not for the fact Donald Trump is an outsider,” Grenell told Tuesday’s “Spicer & Co.” “If you play by the Washington, D.C., rules you don’t get to this point because you listen to the Europeans on, say, the JCPOA Iran deal [aka Obama’s Iran nuclear deal].

“The Iran deal was really a bad deal for America.”

Trump’s decision to decertify the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was misrepresented by the American media, according to Grenell.

“The Europeans complained, but many Arab governments cheered, and our media really missed that,” Grenell added to host Sean Spicer. “They weren’t able to get that nuance. They just immediately went with the criticism of the Europeans.” 

Today’s Abraham Accord between Israel, Bahrain, and United Arab Emirates showed Middle East countries can step out of the “typical Washington, D.C., foreign policy establishment crowd.”

“These are the types of things that happen when an outsider brings a perspective like President Trump into the situation and changes the calculus for how we do foreign policy,” Grenell concluded. “I think we gotta cheer Donald Trump’s style. I think we’ve gotta say his style is making Americans safer and certainly making peace deals while he’s bringing our troops home.”

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