No, she’s not claiming she has white privilege, she’s claiming other people have it and are trying to use it against her. Honestly, I don’t care that much about this particular incident except that I think it demonstrates the ways in which ordinary public interactions are now potentially subject to this style of far-left racial critique in real time. We’ve seen some of this before, but this is a new location to hold this kind of protest.

The black woman in the blue dress was apparently waiting to use a bathroom and a stewardess was waiting to get past her in the aisle. All it would take to let the stewardess pass is to move two steps out of the way. After waiting for a moment the stewardess tried to slide past and pushed the woman’s backpack with her hand. Now we’re off to the races. The stewardess tried again to get the woman to move back out of the way so she can pass but that’s no longer an option. This is now a one-woman protest.

The white woman passenger who was in the middle of the showdown piped up to say “you’re not listening.” The woman replied, “I’m not a child. I’m grown.” It would be more convincing if she wasn’t acting like a kid throwing a tantrum. She got in the woman passenger’s face: “What I got to listen to? Are you my boss? You are white privileged. You are not my boss.” She then told the passenger, who was seated the entire time, to “sit down” as if this were an argument on Twitter.

Next she turned back to the stewardess and a different passenger on the other side of the aisle to repeat this. “You’re not my boss and you’re not my boss. You’re white privileged. Sit down. You don’t have privilege over me.”

“Oh, I don’t,” the stewardess replied.

“I understand that you need to get back here. You wait for me to get to my bathroom and have respect for me like you’ve been having,” the woman said, crossing into a shout at one point. The stewardess turned and indicated that someone should call the police. The woman kept lecturing,”You have white privilege and it’s not here it’s over with. It’s 2020.”

“I’m a queen. California, she was from a black queen,” the woman said, apparently referring to this fictional queen. She paused to shout at the woman passenger who irritated her before: “You don’t talk because you’re so privileged that you got to get in somebody else and tell ’em ‘You’re not listening.’ I don’t have to listen to you.” When the passenger told her to just go to the bathroom (and clear the aisle) the woman replied, “You shut up and stay in your lane.”

It appeared the woman was finally going to clear the aisle but she stopped and turned back again, “Like I said, you all don’t run people. You don’t run America you run yourself. So get off your little mentality that you’re better than somebody because you’re not.”

The woman passenger apparently made a sound at this point in reaction. “See this little s**t right here. This is all a mentality but you need to understand you don’t run America anymore sweetheart,” the woman said.

Finally, someone announced over the PA that everyone needed to take their seats and the woman in blue took two steps and let the stewardess pass. But we’re not done yet. Now the woman starts going after the white passenger again telling her a story about beating someone on a bus when she was 14 and about the “hatred” taught in white homes. And it just keeps escalating.

“You all people are going extinct,” she shouted, “And that’s why you’re mad. You can’t procreate! That’s what eugenics was about!…You’re mad because only black people have the genes to procreate!…You all know the truth. You come from me!”

Look, I’m familiar with the out of Africa theory of human evolution. What I don’t see is what that has to do with being obnoxious on a plane full of people. What I do see her doing is making, I think, a kind of quasi-scientific claim to supremacy. That’s really the argument this woman has been making the whole time. First she was telling the white people they don’t have privilege over her. Then she accused them of teaching hate. Now she’s claiming a kind of superiority of her own, i.e. white people are a dying vestige of her race.

It ends with her telling the black cop who leads her off the plane, “She laughing. It’s funny. But she needs to understand and respect a queen when she sees one in her face.” She turned back to the white passenger and added, “Bow down b**ch because you’re eyes is recessive.” Again, this is becoming a genetic superiority argument as I think she’s referring to the fact that blue eyes are a genetically recessive trait and brown eyes are dominant. You can imagine how it would sound if a white person on the plane said anything close to this to a black woman. It would sound racist and, in this case, it still does.

There’s a bunch of religious content here as well. I’m not sure where that’s coming from based on this. Is she a Black Hebrew Israelite? In any case, she’s taking the protests from the streets to the aisles of Spirit airlines. Here’s the full clip:

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