Entering the home stretch in a presidential race pitting incumbent Donald Trump against career politician Joe Biden, two factors compete – one favoring Biden; the other Trump.

Biden’s favoring factor was activated long before he became the last Democratic presidential candidate standing. Democrats, stunned by losing a supposedly sure win by Hillary Clinton, worked on Trump’s impeachment, built around a baseless Trump/Russia collusion theory. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., admits this effort began on Day 1 of Trump’s term. But, only able to carry the collusion football so far before fumbling, Pelosi then picked up the Ukraine “quid pro quo election meddling” ball. Applying the high liberal standard of “anonymous gossip” vice firsthand knowledge, Pelosi fumbled again. Her new goal focused on denying Trump a second term.

Pelosi was helped in racking up anti-Trump yardage on the field of public opinion by the mainstream media (MSM). Suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), they tossed journalistic integrity out the window, pushing fake news. When Biden became their man of the hour, MSM kicked into overdrive, producing an anti-Trump fake news narrative, fertilizing Biden’s campaign.

A recent story in The Atlantic is but one example. It employed yet another liberal high journalistic standard – “anonymous sources.” As such, it gave wings to the claim Trump disrespected our World War I dead. He allegedly called them “losers” and “suckers” during a 2018 trip to France, choosing not to visit a memorial honoring them as he “feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain.” Why did we not hear about this in 2018 rather than just before the election? Hmm …

Declining to provide any names supporting the story, The Atlantic should not have run it for several reasons involving contradictory evidence and credibility. The Atlantic:

TRENDING: Wildfires to get worse thanks to Clinton policies, says fire expert who predicted uptick in blazes

  • Is primarily owned by billionaire philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs who has donated $1.2 million to Biden and other Democrats since 2019 and often talks to the journalist involved;
  • Published a 2004 story about an anti-police activist claiming to have witnessed a cop-shooting-child incident that never occurred;
  • Earlier condemned a New York Times hit piece on its own editor because it was based on anonymous sources;
  • Failed to reveal at least 13 high-level named witnesses disavowing the claim, including a staunch anti-Trump source;
  • Failed to share evidence of Trump personally respecting our military on several occasions;
  • Failed to report the decision not to visit the memorial was made not by Trump, but his security detail due to adverse weather conditions.

So blinded by TDS is the MSM, members attempted justifying The Atlantic story by ignoring journalistic history. Courier Journal reporter Olivia Krauth tweeted, “Contrary to popular belief, journalists don’t just make stuff up.” Trump supporters reminded her about “Shattered Glass” – a film based upon the true story of Stephen Glass. As a young writer in the late 1990s, Glass enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame – only to fall from grace after it was learned 27 of 41 published stories were either partially or completely made up. Krauth’s tweet also ignored the New York Times’ damning history of false reporting by Jason Blair and others.

Interestingly, The Atlantic’s latest bit of liberal journalistic propaganda makes the “scholarly” suggestion the Nobel Peace Prize be scrapped since Trump was nominated. A staff writer says “it’s better to shut it down” altogether than allow “wacky nominations like Trump’s.” Of course, nothing was wrong with Barack Obama’s 2009 nomination, made only 12 days after taking office, for, basically, doing nothing.

The Atlantic article may well have motivated 235 retired generals and admirals to sign a letter endorsing Trump and warning of a “grave danger if Biden wins.”

This same liberal media call Trump a liar while having given Barack Obama free passes for numerous lies he told including NSA was not spying on Americans, promising Obamacare allowed one to keep the same doctor, covering up the “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation, claiming the Iran deal did not give Tehran a pathway to nuclear weapons, etc.

As Biden’s mental competency to serve as president has come under fire by his own actions, the mainstream media have sought to float questions about Trump’s mental fitness, using fake news accounts to do so. Recently, a 12-second video clip, showing Trump walking toward a puddle on White House grounds, claimed the president looked “lost and disoriented” upon spotting it. However, a longer clip revealed Trump merely hesitating to warn Melania, who was following behind.

Timing is everything in MSM’s efforts to force the TDS fake news hemlock down the public’s throat. The homestretch provides that: Thus, enter stage left Bob Woodward’s new book, affording MSM an opportunity to attack Trump with out-of-context quotes.

One eye-catching headline making Trump appear caustically anti-black noted, “Trump says he feels no responsibility to feel anger of Black Americans, Woodward book says.” However, Trump’s comment responded to a specific Woodward question: whether white privilege isolated Trump, putting “you in a cave, to a certain extent, as it put me … that we have to work our way out of … to understand the anger and pain, particularly, Black people feel in this country?” Trump, criticizing Woodward for drinking the white privilege Kool-Aid, responded, “No, I don’t feel that at all.” Thus, Trump’s response was strictly limited contextually to buying into the white privilege ideology.

In The Atlantic story’s aftermath, former newsman Dan Rather, a provocateur of fake news himself, acknowledged what such stories achieve. Noting of Trump, “Whether he said it or not, it is believable to a lot of people.”

The American media are not alone in recognizing this. They unapologetically publish Chinese propaganda and are helped by Iran’s own anti-Trump disinformation efforts. Once an anti-Trump seed is planted, it grows. Like an ideological terrorist conducting a “hit and run” attack, MSN inflict their damage, running away to launch another fake news attack later.

So focused on generating anti-Trump fake news are the media, they have gone to pushing negative articles they then go on to debunk themselves. As a CNN commentator claimed riots were “mostly protests” and not “unruly,” fires were being set behind him. Meanwhile, The Hill criticized pro-Trump rally participants in North Carolina for not wearing masks, then showed a photo they were.

Clearly fake news stories achieve their intended impact. Following a Trump uptick in the polls after the Republican National Convention, Biden is now gaining traction.

With fake news weighing heavily in Biden’s favor, what factor favors Trump?

A recent Zogby Analytics study found, while nearly four in 10 voters silently support Trump, they are unwilling to admit it to others. The intolerant backlash of liberal Biden supporters makes this understandable. It certainly could prove a winning factor for Trump on Nov. 3, as it did in 2016.

Based on MSM’s 93% anti-Trump news coverage, 86% of Americans believe the media are biased. Based on what the media know about Biden’s mental acuity but try to hide, they are, as one critic notes, complicit in perpetrating a scam upon American voters. This bias explains why few voters know about Trump’s numerous financial acts of random kindness quietly performed over the years – which Snopes verifies – while Biden was helping son Hunter line his own pockets. Unbelievably, social media provide Joe an additional crutch by banning popular conservative voices critical of him.

While dirty tricks have long been a factor in elections, the Fourth Estate usually ferrets out truth for the public. Voters will be unable to avail themselves of that asset in a 2020 presidential election where MSM is committed to a Biden victory.

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