RUSH: Once again the Breonna Taylor story is, if you wonder why I call the media the Drive-By Media, the Breonna Taylor story is a 100 percent perfect illustration. The media blow into a volatile situation, they show up, and then they blow it up lying about it, misrepresenting it, misreporting it.

They create chaos and havoc because of the out-and-out lies that they tell, like “hands up, don’t shoot” in Ferguson, lying about Michael Brown to the point people were questioning the grand jury, two of them. And then after a while they move on, heading on down the road to the next story that they’re gonna do the exact same thing to, practice journalistic malpractice. They leave murder and mayhem, chaos, and confusion in their wake. Same thing with the Trayvon Martin case. Same thing Michael Brown case in Ferguson. The Freddie Gray case in Baltimore. Everything pushed by the media about the Breonna Taylor case was based on lies.

Now, the media will refuse to admit the truth. They’re gonna spin the narrative to claim they never reported incorrectly. Nope. They’ll blame it on something else. The sources got things wrong or however they choose to do it. But the truth is, everything the media claimed about Breonna Taylor’s death was a lie. They claimed that she was shot during a no-knock warrant. False. Not true. There was not a no-knock warrant. The media claimed that Breonna Taylor was shot in her bed. That’s not true. The media claimed Breonna Taylor was murdered. That’s not true. It was an accident.

“Everything the media and lawyer Ben Crump claimed about the death of Breonna Taylor and the circumstances around her death was based on lies. The officials in Kentucky allowed a mountain of lies to grow until the evidence was finally presented to a grand jury and the Kentucky Attorney General was forced to admit the truth. According to evidence revealed at a press conference by AG Daniel Cameron, the police executed a search warrant by knocking on the door. Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker refused to answer the door after the police identified themselves. The police broke down the door. Kenneth Walker was armed and shot first at police. The police returned fire and that’s how Breonna Taylor was shot and killed.

“No police officers were charged with the death of Breonna Taylor because they were responding to being fired upon. It appears Mr. Walker used his girlfriend as a shield. One officer, Brett Hankison,” whose name you’ve now heard over and over again, “who did not shoot any person, was charged with ‘wonton endangerment’ for haphazardly firing 10 shots that entered the adjacent apartment unit.

“Breonna Taylor’s killing set off months of protests in Louisville and other cities and drew national attention. Celebrities and civil-rights activists demanding justice and urged Kentucky AG Cameron to bring charges against the officers involved. Last week, the city of Louisville said it would pay $12 million to Ms. Taylor’s estate as part of a legal settlement with her family. The agreement also required the city to implement policy changes, including a mandate for police commanders to approve all search warrants. Today the shooting was ruled justified as the police were responding to being fired upon by Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

“As with the Trayvon Martin case…. and as with the Michael Brown case….. and as with the Freddie Gray case…. everything pushed by the media about the Breonna Taylor case was based on lies.”

So the country is roiled. The Democrat Party and its agents are now creating mayhem. Let there be no mistake. The people making violence, the people creating the violence, the people engaged in all of these so-called peaceful protests are Democrats. They are the people who will vote Democrat. They are the people who are Democrat. There’s not a single Republican among ’em.

Now, you might find at the head of the line some white, college-aged women who are purposely stationed there to make it look like it’s a peaceful protest and that it’s white people feeling guilty about this and demanding that the president and the Republican Party apologize and all this. The Republican Party and President Trump have literally nothing to do with this. They have nothing to do with the rioting. They have nothing to do with looting, whatever is going on in Louisville. This is strictly a Democrat Party operation.


RUSH: Benjamin Crump is the lawyer for the family Breonna Taylor. He was on The View today on ABC News, and let’s see. He got a question I guess from Sunny Hostin. I’m not sure who asked the question. Doesn’t matter. The question is… No, it was Sara Haines. Sara Haines said, “One of the officers was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment of the neighbors, but not of Breonna Taylor. Now, how does that legally break down or even make sense?”

So here’s Benjamin Crump, the lawyer, and then you’ll hear some other gals from The View.

CRUMP: Just because they tell us it’s legal, that doesn’t mean it’s right. Whoopi.

HOSTIN: Exactly.

CRUMP: Whoopi, everything that happened to the Jews in Germany they said was legal, but that didn’t make it right.

RUSH: What?

CRUMP: Joy, slavery was legal, but that didn’t make it right.

RUSH: What?

CRUMP: When they killed Emmet teal, they said that was legal, but that didn’t make it right.

RUSH: What?

CRUMP: And now they’re I’m trying to say it was legal what they did to Breonna Taylor.


CRUMP: Ladies, that does not make it right.


RUSH: So the lawyer here for Breonna Taylor’s family just compared the cops in Louisville to Nazis. This is where we are. The lawyer for the Breonna Taylor family is comparing the cops in Louisville to Nazis, and still the American people don’t know who the Democrats are.

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