The Republican party and its membership are the conservatives, the Democrats, the Liberals—right? No, not a chance. They are just a couple of party animals fighting for votes, and governmental power. The two current major political parties are deemed as the traditional “two-party” system. There really isn’t anything traditional about them. They are the result of two philosophical theories dating back to the original republican union and its ratified constitution.

The so-called “two-party” system evolved into separate factions out of the Constitutional Convention.

The not so subtle battle of that day was whether there was to be a national government or a federal one. One of the truly great minds of the day, Patrick Henry, did not attend the convention, allegedly saying, “I smell a rat.” He had a good sense of smell—for the bad.

The Articles of Confederation (erroneously maligned) could supposedly be improved on, although unanimous consent would ultimately demand secession from its agreement.

On the surface, a federal government was proposed and supposed. And perhaps it could have lasted. But the paint began to peel when federalist (truly anti-federalist) John Marshall assumed a nonexistent authority as Chief Justice in Marbury vs Madison. After that bit of nonsense, mediocre minds like Joseph Story began peeling paint, and before you could say “boo” the national monster ran roughshod over federalism. The anti-federalists (truly federalists) fought back with proper tools of nullification but finally gave up and ended the union.

Various parties and factions of parties had developed and/or faded: Democratic-Republic, Whigs, Democrats (North and South), and bringing up the rear, the Republicans (irony be thy rich).

A terrible war ultimately resulted.

The Republicans destroyed any semblance of future federalism with the Grand Army of the Potomac and its Lincolnian nationalistic march. Truly, the birth of a nation.

The old philosophies today don’t exist, any more than the republic exists. The only time the sense of a republic attempts to shine is when some untutored politician will speak of our democratically voted on “this or that.” Some talk-show idealogue will offer the timid reply, “we aren’t a democracy, we’re a constitutional republic”; or some such blather. Never does one hear either side explain what they mean. In the case of the Democrats, there is so little gray matter in that bunch it’s a wonder they know when to stop at a stoplight. In the case of the Republicans, they wouldn’t know the difference between a republic and a Comanche war party.

For the record, a republic is where a “qualified” number of people vote and govern under a rule of law (that law might be, for example, an agreed upon constitution).

A democracy on the other hand is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for supper (every warm body who can lick a stamp can vote—and probably will). Cities such as Portland, Seattle, Louisville, etc. are demonstrating a democracy in action.

Real-life demonstrations of our democratic government(s) in action are what the politicians once said were wonderful current event illustrations for the children in school to take to their fertile little brainy- bosoms. Today, of course, there are no school children because our “democratically” ruled governments, usually by a single politician, don’t allow anyone to go to school. If the children wear their stupid, little masks they may learn virtual “readin’, riting’, rithmetic.” That means 2 + 2 = 4 only if it doesn’t really exist but seems like it does—virtually–I guess. One never knows when dealing with politicians and bureaucrats.

And any child who has a B-B gun at home is expelled—virtually?

If Patrick Henry thought rats smelled bad, he should get a whiff of public education in our wonderful little democracy. And he would have had to long since have left his Virginia roots if bad smells bothered him. Washington D.C. is right there. Like sleeping with a cow patty on your pillow at night.

Today we have a national government and have had for over 150 years. We attempted a federal one for the first 70 or so. This national government is run by two parties. And boy, can they party? The bill is in the multiple trillions of dollars now. And that will skyrocket, depending on the next utopian promise or the next war.

Its power has been fought over since its confirmed national state became the pen (as in hogs) of the people in 1866. Its hog pen masters have been the Republicans and the Democrats, alternatively, depending on how much or how little each party partied. The Republicans became the new kid on the block when they squealed loudest that they hated slavery when in fact they really just loved high tariffs largely paid by the South. The Democrats, Northern, and Southern joined together in 1866 to form what became the modern Democratic party, lasting until after the Viet Nam war.

Somehow over the last 100 years, the Republicans have falsely taken on the conservative moniker and the Democrats falsely the liberal one. Neither is either. These are just two, party animals.

That smell to some of us ain’y rats. It’s elephants and jackasses.

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