Canadian Immigration attorneys say they are being inundated with inquiries from American Jews looking for information about relocating, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Heather Segal, an immigration lawyer in Toronto, said she is experiencing more inquiries ahead of a U.S. election than ever before.

The morning after President Donald Trump refused to disavow white supremacists during the presidential debate, she told the newspaper she had four inquiries from Americans interested in moving to Canada. She said two of the callers were Jewish.

In 2016, she said she received a couple dozen inquiries total from Americans curious about the relocation process. This year, she said she receives six or seven inquiries daily. Most of the callers, she said, are Jewish.

“In my life, I have never seen what I’m seeing,” said Segal, who is herself Jewish.

She said Jewish Americans have expressed the same worries.

“What they echo to me: ‘We’ve seen this before,’” Segal said. “‘I’m not going to get stuck. I’m not going to get caught. We know how this goes. There’s going to be a civil war. It’s going to be the end of democracy. I’m very concerned for our future. I don’t want to wait and see what happens. My grandparents left Poland in World War II.’”

She said several times a day she hears concerns from people saying they never thought they would be looking to uproot their lives.

Other Canadian immigration lawyers are also seeing an increase in questions from American Jews.

Joseph Young, another Jewish immigration lawyer in Toronto, told the outlet that he usually gets about two inquiries per week about moving to Canada. Recently, he said he is receiving at least five. He estimates that 20% of the inquiries are from Jews.

“Things in the United States are getting a little bit out of hand,” Young said. “If Trump wins, I think you’re going to see more people continuing and completing their [immigration] applications, or at least applying. They’ve lived through four years and they’re saying ‘I’m not going to live through another four years.'”

In addition to concerns about the results of the election, many American Jews are worried about the uptick in anti-Semitism and extremism, the newspaper reports.

In 2019, the U.S. logged the most anti-Semitic incidents in the US since at least 1979, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

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