I have been getting emails (daily, it seems) from Congressional candidate Joe Collins, without really focusing on who he is. I should have paid more attention. Collins is running against Maxine Waters in South Los Angeles. Unlike Waters, Collins lives in the district. After 44 years in Congress, Waters lives in a $6 million mansion, somewhere else. Collins has released this dynamite ad, which reminds us of Kim Klasik’s campaign ads in Baltimore:

Can great candidates like Collins and Klasic win? I assume not. So, what is it going to take? Why do people keep voting for Maxine Waters, who has done nothing for her district and is, to be blunt, an idiot? I can’t explain it. There is something seriously wrong with our democracy when people like Maxine Waters and Joe Biden can stumble along ineffectually for decades, and continue being elected as though they had hereditary titles to their offices.

Who is to blame? The voters. They deserve what they get. Unfortunately.

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