They have done their part in pumping up Biden and by mostly tearing down Trump, and the election fix is in. Sorry, but the mail in ballots will be counted and counted and counted until he’s defeated, hate to say. If it ends up in court watch either Kavanaugh or Gorsich side with Roberts against Trump.

Now, because they think we’re stupid, suddenly “fair and balanced” can make a comeback. Screw Faux news and the globalist owners. Paul Ryan did as just as much to sabotage the Trump presidency as any demonrat did, the globalist owner and his kids couldn’t wait to reward him for a job well done by hiring him to sit on Faux’s board.

Now because they think we are an uniformed bunch of yokels with no memory, suddenly the news division will start running “hard hitting” stories on Biden. Can you imagine how far things have gone that many are surprised, and Bauer gets credit, for running the story on A demonrat candidate for president? Like somehow that’s even news, them reporting it?

Also, Watch for Barr to issue a few more indictments for mid- level patsies after the election to convince non gullible people he’s honest. Nevermind that the managers of this treason will walk, and nothing was done in the year leading up to the election. Barr’s activities in the Bush administration, and now in running cover for the deepstate setting up Trump, is SHAMEFUL. McConnell selected him knowing he would stab Trump in the back which is what they all wanted and knew would happen, and have been told to do by their globalist handlers.

It would serve them right if all of these dishonest republicans lose their seats, but don’t worry they will all be taken care of.

Meanwhile our country will go down the toilet.

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