President Trump said Thursday that he didn’t discuss any pending Supreme Court cases or potential cases related to the outcome of the presidential election with Judge Amy Coney Barrett, his nominee to fill the vacancy on the highest court in the land.

“I talked to her about life. I talked to her about the fact, would you like to do this? Are you willing to do this because it’s a tremendous burden? The answer was yes,” he said during the NBC town hall. “She is unbelievably well qualified, but I never spoke to her about these various questions.”

Trump said he hopes the Nov. 3 election can be decided without it getting to the Supreme Court, but he doesn’t expect Barrett to rule any particular way on a potential, election-related case. 

“It would be totally up to her. I would think that she would be able to rule either for me or against me,” Trump said. “I don’t see any conflict whatsoever.” 

Trump also said he didn’t discuss the landmark abortion-rights case Roe v. Wade with Barrett.

“I think it would be inappropriate to talk to her about it,” he said. “I don’t want to do anything to influence her. I want her to get approved and I want her to go by the law.”

Moderator NBC’s Savannah Guthrie recalled Trump wanting the Republican-led Senate to wait to confirm former President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick in 2016, which took place about seven months before the election. Trump was asked why his view on filling a vacancy close to the election changed. 

“I have a lot of respect for Judge Garland. I’ll tell you that. But I’ll tell you the whole ballgame changed when I saw the way they treated Justice Kavanaugh,” Trump replied. “I have never seen a human being treated so badly with false accusations and everything else. I have never seen anything like it. And you know what the truth is Savannah? Like it or not, the ballgame changed a lot.”

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