Mike Lindell, inventor and CEO of My Pillow Inc., told Breitbart News Tonight that President Donald Trump will flip Minnesota red in November — something that has not occurred in 48 years.

Lindell, the Chairman of Trump’s reelection campaign in Minnesota, laid out Trump’s path to victory in the state during a Tuesday appearance on Breitbart News Tonight, explaining that the president’s accomplishments speak for themselves.

“The lowest back unemployment before the pandemic, the lowest Hispanic unemployment, lowest women unemployment. I mean all these great things. The biggest confidence in the economy ever. The confidence factor,” he said, detailing the number of Democrats who are switching over to Trump’s column.

Lindell said he participated in a commercial a few weeks ago, where he interviewed Democrats. He found that “even Democrats are flipping.” They reportedly told him that Democrat politicians are not keeping their promises, and while “some of them didn’t even say they liked” the president, Lindell said they “sure like what he’s done.”

“And that’s common throughout Minnesota,” he said.

Lindell briefly talked about his friends who have had their businesses in Minneapolis “ruined” amid the leftist chaos and predicted that Trump could see a black vote as high as 20-25 percent.

“Same with Hispanics,” he said.

Lindell added that he has 1,500 employees, most of whom are Asian Hispanic, and black, and estimated that “99 percent of them are voting for this great president because they know how their jobs have always survived with his great leadership and they know that their jobs depend on it.”

“I really believe it’s going to be a Minnesota victory for the first time since 1972,” Lindell said.


In the past, Lindell continued, Minnesota GOP voters have been largely discouraged to vote because the state always goes blue, but in 2016, the state came “within an eyelash of voting for Donald Trump” — something he believes will contribute to greater enthusiasm this time around.

The CEO also cautioned voters to refrain from getting discouraged by the polls, explaining that they do not accurately depict the state of the race.

“If it says we’re down by eight, we’re winning by two,” Lindell said, adding that there will be a massive crossover for the president.

“That’s the biggest shift in Minnesota,” he said. “The great things he did saved our Iron Range and steel industry … and our farmers” who “just got the best purchase order ever from China a few weeks ago.”

Again, Lindell emphasized that “traditional” Democrats have come to him and explained that they are switching over to what he called the “common sense party.”

“They’re sick of our leadership in Minnesota and they’re definitely afraid of Biden and a Democratic Party that would have radical leadership,” Lindell said. “The Democratic Party they thought they had for 50 years or whatever, that ship sailed a long time ago. It slowly went away, but it’s no longer there.”

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